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14th August 2004

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#31 11 years ago

Nurses or Doctors. I plan to go to Medical School ;). Also thank god no ones voted Border Guard :cort:.


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12th December 2006

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#32 11 years ago

i voted firemen, my uncles a firemanand i have the utmost respet for him


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17th July 2003

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#33 11 years ago

I was torn between fireman and soldier.

I used to be in local volunteer fire department and have spent my time for Uncle Sam.

Not sure which one is more dangerous or thankless.

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#34 11 years ago
*SW3D3*;3831764What do you mean with "most of the time"? As I see it, the last time USA came even close to fight for THEIR freedom was when you got in to the war with Japan in 1941 and when an Japanese invasion at least was possible. But besides that, the wars you been involved in has been on the other side of the planet were you stuck your nose in something that didn't concern you nor your freedom.

on topic to this part, the Germans actually did land on our beaches.. only about a dozen or so to try and sabatoge production. Invasion from either country was going to happen. But on topic to the thread. I feel the same. Fighting for our freedom is a defensive statement... we're clearly not on the defensive or have been in the last 40 years. Bush is using it to try and get people afraid and to support the war he started. I have the utmost respect for the troops, they're over there doing what they're trained to do and putting their lives on the line to do it. I just have absolutely zero respect for politicians that use them to further their political gain like is happening now. But that's a conversation for another time and a different thread.

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