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#1 15 years ago

Im new to filefront and have a question about uploading: When i upload and read through the agreement, it says that "the file can not be larger then 1 GB and can not last more then 10 hours" I dont get that last part... "Can not last more then 10 hours" Does this mean that the file will be deleted within 10 hours? Im doing video tutorials of 3Dmodeling in different programs such as 3Dsmax and Inventor and want a place where i can put my videos up for everyone to download. If the case is that it WILL be deleted within 10 hours, can someone link me to another site where the files stay all the time, or to a site made for Video Tutorials? Thanks in advance!

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#2 15 years ago

No, it means that the file, (if it is a movie for instance) can't be longer than 10 hours. Normally you won't have a problem since most files are smaller than 10 GB or 10 hours of playtime...



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#3 15 years ago

Ok, thanks for the answer! :)