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1st January 2005

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#11 11 years ago

Nothing new, it's always been the case that while extreme liberals like Alec Baldwin and George Clooney can go virtually unscathed no matter how how they use the media and Hollywood as a bully pulpit, the outspoken Hollywood conservatives have to dodge bullets if they so much as speak their mind even if off the job and far away from Hollywood. For Christ sake it's an election year, what do they expect?

While I don't like the pompous style of the Limbaughs and O'Reilys out there, I do feel they and especially these severely outnumbered Hollywood conservatives have just as much right to their freedom of speech as anyone else. There's clearly a push in any form of entertainment to lead the public to believe conservatives are bad for America.

Something as basic as the entertainment field should not be so skewed politically that those with contrasting opinions be chastised for it, esp when you consider kids not necessarily old enough to have informed political opinions are watching these stars in movies and being heavily influenced by a constant barrage of liberalism in any field of entertainment.


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19th February 2005

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#12 11 years ago

So, wait; Jon Voight said that if Obama is elected we will be in a new socialist era. He said this during an election year; when things are tense and the candidate is very, very popular with the people; especially liberal types in Hollywood.

This pisses people off, and the pissing off of people by this remark serves to piss off conservatives who think that this is an attack on free speech. Right?

So basically this is a political hissyfit with some old actor who said something stupid, perfectly within his rights as a human being; but pretty stupid none the less. Is this what they play on then news nowadays?...

Should we really... care?

Red Menace


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10th August 2004

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#13 11 years ago

Dude, he was the Midnight Cowboy.


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26th June 2000

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#14 11 years ago
Red Menace;4516105Dude, he was the Midnight Cowboy.

But should I give a fuck about his political stance? How is that relevant to his acting in any way, shape or form? ;)


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10th February 2004

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#15 11 years ago

It becomes part of his character, his persona, what people will associate with him. His views on subjects are very important, controversial ones even more so. America loves to label people and the more stances and opinions a person has, the easier they are to label and put in a positive or negative box.

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