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14th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Wow, I have al these .rar files and no idea how to use the,. can any one give me a hand? ALSO Im trying to get some of those ships I Downloaded this website. I tryed all the things it said to do in the FAQ about it but Im slightly confused. I moved all the files into the BC directory and then I moved all the files from scripts/plugins to custom/ships and still no new ships. The game works, I have the mutator on and even a few ships I downloaded that had self installers work, but the ones that dont have the self install wont work. I did notice that some of the readmes for the actual ships say somthing like "Open plugins.py in notepad and add the following to the BOTTOM of the file: import (ships name)" Well I cant find the file there talking about or where to put it in that file. Could that be causing my problem. Any help you have on this matter would be greatly appreciated, really! I really wanna play with some of those ships...especially that Valdore!