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8th January 2009

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#1 11 years ago

This is great - not sure if any of you caught this story out of Russia, but thought some of you might find this interesting (didn't see it posted earlier).

Apparently there was a fairly major UFO sighting in Russia over the Kremlin back in December. Two amateur videos were taken, one during the day and one during nighttime. According to sources, "hundreds" of people saw the pyramid shaped UFO hanging over the sky for hours.

The best part: The Daily Mail in the UK is reporting that this UFO sighting was exactly the same night as the Blue Spiral in Norway. Even better: the story wasn't reported by the Russian newspaper Pravda until December 18, so of course some sources are screaming "cover-up!" :lulz:

Here's the link to the UK story: UFO hovers over Red Square in Moscow | Mail Online

Why these two videos are the only ones that made it public is odd, especially when there were apparently hundreds of witnesses. Then again, Russia certainly has a habit of suppressing UFO stories.

Can we get a tinfoil hat smiley? :lulz: Man I love a good conspiracy theory.



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#2 11 years ago