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Ensign Riles VIP Member

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17th June 2003

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#11 12 years ago

Spending just a few minutes each day before class begins going over your notes helps a lot. If there is something that needs clarification, ask the teacher. Trying to cram for hours only gives diminishing returns, and at some point it probably can do more harm than good. Spending just a few minutes a day puts things into long term memory.

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#12 12 years ago

Fool! Never go to a school you can't get to within a half-hour's panicked run.:p

I advise taking some sleeping pills tonight, don't let it happen again.

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7th December 2003

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#13 12 years ago

Exams suck. I wrote one today in the morning and since then I learned stuff by heart for the one on thursday.


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#14 12 years ago

He's only 14, what the heck is he worrying about? I never studied for exams in high school. For me its either you know it or you don't. I never had to study because I always knew the stuff before geting out of the class. The most I reviewed/studied for an exam in HS is maybe 30 minutes.

In College, its different.

Before we can give you advice, what material is your test for? And where do you live? Education is very different from countries to countries.


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#15 12 years ago

This reminds me of the preliminary exams I had last year... I had so much fun! Oh, the stories I could tell you, but as someone stated you are 14 and some of them are illegal for your age.


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1st February 2007

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#16 12 years ago

I once showed up late to what I thought was a review session, and it turned out to be the final exam. I had 10 minutes to take an hour long test! I explained the situation to the Prof and he told me it was no problem. I helped him move his stuff to his next classroom and I got to take the exam there. It was worth 40% of our grade and I got a B+ in the class, so I think I did pretty well... no studying or anything. These things work out in the end.

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#17 12 years ago

Finals, ahh yes. They aren't that "touch" as what people say, Finals as they sound are just a review of what you did previously, so study the stuff from way back and the beginning of the year and concentrate on that stuff instead of the newer stuff that stuff gets stuck in your head momentarily.


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13th February 2007

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#18 12 years ago

here's my advice: makk whoopi with them and shout i want an a while doing them


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12th December 2006

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#19 12 years ago

Yes! I just finished exams, and now I have a month of break! And I would like to contradict Decebalus, high school can be hard. Plus, i'm in a private school, so it might be a bit different... (i live in New Hampshire by the way) Anyway, I spent a while studying for Ancient Worlds, but I think I did kinda bad... There were 3 pages on dynasties of china, asking things like what dynasty invented paper, and random stuff like that... yeah. :bawl: I didn't like it.... Oh well its over, im going to go snowboarding tomorrow :D

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