Snake bursts after gobbling an alligator 46 replies

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#41 12 years ago
ScOrPY;3402289I'll give the snake credit for trying to swallow the alligator.

Haha, yeah I agree:lol: His whole life was ruled by his greed.

The more I think of that snake, the funnier I find the whole story is:lol:

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#42 12 years ago
rabid midgit;3406205your joking right? please tell me your joking

I know it isn't an amphibian, but it spends enough time in still pools of muddy or algae-coated water to make an alligator in its natural habitat still fairly slimy.


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#43 12 years ago

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#44 12 years ago

well...I think I feel my dinner starting to move around a bit :barf: All righty I got that out of my system....who's hungry?

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#45 12 years ago

I watched a program about this on the National Geographic channel mabye a week or so ago.

They were trying to figure out what went wrong. So they had a little snack about as big around as a 13 year old's arm and tried to feed him a baby gator about the same size. The snake wouldn't eat it, because they had been feeding it rats all it's life. So they tied a bit of rat on the little gator, and the snake ate it. It didn't split open though. And in a few days the gator was complety gone.

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#46 12 years ago

Wow thats a total mess...bit of a big challenge for the snake.


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#47 12 years ago

WOW that is cool! i suer love to see more pictures lol =)