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#1 4 years ago

...we're having workers over to fix the windows. Am I the only one that hates people coming to their house unannounced? Workers here never seem to call and say "Coming." They just pop up on your door and start working. And most people here are okay with that. I am incredibly annoyed by it. /endrant



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#2 4 years ago

That really isn't a problem in my life anymore. Anyone who happens to show up is usually invited, and the only ones who aren't usually are family. I can understand your frustration, though. I'm not too fond of people showing up at my door without prior warning, family or not.

When I lived in some apartments Blaine, WA, a guy hired by the landlord came to paint the balconies on the building. We weren't told. I came home from school, walked in my front door while expecting nobody to be there, and saw some guy I didn't know putting a chair (which had been on the balcony) in our house. This guy was lucky that I wasn't in a bad mood, and decided to ask who the fuck he was and why the fuck he was entering our dwelling without permission. He's lucky I didn't get him fired or arrested. I easily could have done both, as he had no legal right to enter the place like that.

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