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So I have to submit a page for my school yearbook (I wouldn't waste my time but there's money that's being cut) about me myself and I and I can use a quote or few of upto 40 words max. I am thinking of using the following quotes because they sort of make up my attitude towards things. I mean I would like to use meaniingful quotes but I'd also like to use something that reflects me. So I am thinking of using the following quotes: "I never think of the future - it comes soon enough." - Albert Einstein The problem isn't here though. I thought of using a few unconventional quotes that were not from famous people but still held some meaning, especially to me. So I wanted your opinions on the next few quotes as to whether I should use them . "Nothing is defined; everything is possible. Believe in your cause and venture forth to bring about your own ideal definitions." – me (with help) The reason I say "(with help)" here is because The first part, "Nothing is defined; everything is possible.", I originally heard in Assassin's Creed as, "Nothing is true; everything is permitted." I didn't like the sound of that so decided to switch the words up a bit, so would there be something wrong with that? I don't know if plagiarism laws wouold come into play through this act of "slight" changing. I am considering this one also because I really like the sound of how, if you can put your mind and efforts to it, you could bring about a grand change. "I have never cared about justice and I don’t recall ever calling myself a hero. I have always only fought for the people that I believe in." – Zero (Megaman Franchise Character) I like this one because it plain just sounds badass and in a way it is reflecting my mentality. I won't care about fairness or the justification of an action and I don't really care about fame (I try to keep a low profile usually in public no matter how profound my acts may be) but if that action is something that is making me fight for the ideals that I believe in, then I will most certainly do it. Now the problem with the last 2 are that they are based off of video games and characters from them. So I am not sure, whether for both of them, I should just say "anonymous" or use the actual names and in the case of the first one whether I should use "me" because I just used the first part from elsewhere. Personally though, I don't see how these can be wrong since last year a senior quoted his dad saying, "Wasps, wasps, they're yellow and black." I'm gonna use Einstein's quote along with one of the other two quotes in that combination because any other combination violates the 40 word limit. So I'd like your opinion on which one to use and how to use it or if there actually is a quote from a famous person that I could replace them with.