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9th December 2003

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#1 8 years ago

Stubborn driver needs to hand in car yet again.

Amsterdam - A stubborn driver has had to hand inhis car to the police twice in a very short period of time. The Amsterdam man had been caught twice driving a car while his driverslisence was suspended.

The Police confiscated his drivers lisence not too long ago because his car was not insured. In addition to that he drove nearly 100 km/h higher then the local speedlimit of 70km/h.

In the last weekend of July the police caught the man again. Even though he wasn't allowed to drive, the man decided to jump behind the wheel of a car on the A2 motorway, where he as doing 210km/h (note; 120km/h is the legal speedlimit on motorways in the Netherlands). Due to this his car was confiscated by the police.

On Monday the girlfriend of the man came to the policestation to pick the car up. But because the insurance still wasn't taken care off this was denied. The woman then said that in that case her brother would pick her up. The police didn't quite trust the situation and kept an close eye on the woman. The hunge was correct, not the brother, but her boyfriend quite happily turned up infront of the policestation in a car. So he then had to turn in this car, a rental car, aswell. Both cars are currently parked behind closed gates on the police stations parkinglot.

Source: Hardleerse snelheidsduivel moet weer auto inleveren | | Het laatste nieuws het eerst op

Fail. Seems like the guy is stubborn, not too bright and doesn't seem to be able to drive responsibly either. I'd take his driverslisence away permanently. Though I wouldn't be suprised if the guy wouldn't give a damn... =p


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#2 8 years ago

Driving without a licence. What's new about that? My country is full of irresponsible drivers who either drive without a licence or exceed the speed limit or commit other kinds of traffic violations every day or the combination of everything I said and get away with it.

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#3 8 years ago

[COLOR="Black"]I see your story about some dude driving without a license and raise by a video of some woman jumping out of her car and beating up employees at McDonald's because she didn't get her chicken nuggets: [/COLOR] BBC News - Woman starts fight over chicken nuggets



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24th September 2007

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#4 8 years ago

Yeah. I just saw that dumb bitch.


Granyaski VIP Member

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29th May 2008

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#5 8 years ago

Fucking arrest him already or at least do something worse.

Mihail VIP Member

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19th January 2003

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#6 8 years ago

whatever happened to the three strike rule?


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18th July 2008

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#7 8 years ago

baseball isn't popular in the netherlands.

Ensign Riles VIP Member

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#8 8 years ago

Short of arrest and jail time, I really don't see any way to keep him off the road. He clearly has demonstrated a complete disregard for traffic laws.



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17th April 2010

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#9 8 years ago

I say they just lock him up and throw the key away. It's pretty evident that he shows no signs of following or obeying the law and is, as such, a threat to the public and a danger to them and himself. Keep him locked up and he can do no harm to anyone.


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28th July 2010

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#10 8 years ago

:eek::eek: hell, perhaps the guy is a little hard of understanding:uhoh: he should be forced to pull a rickshaw around, whilst being verbally abused by upstanding members of the community who DO have a drivers licence. in fact, a copper should sit in the rickshaw to make sure he adheres to the highway code:cya:

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