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21st February 2006

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#41 13 years ago

^^yeah i've come to terms with that. which is why i want this topic to die now.



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22nd September 2002

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#42 13 years ago

PethegreatI hate the stuff, but I won't ban it or hate the people who listen to it. It is sad when you go to a dance and %99 of the music they play is rap. I went to one dance and out of 150+ songs all but 2 were rap/hip-hop. I would have asked for something else, but when "other" music came up my date would take me off the dance floor, and we would sit the song out becuase she did not like it.

You do not dance to rock. You dance to rap, techno, RnB etc. Leave rock for headbanging in your car or moshing with your hairy friends. When you are at a dance/club you dance to dance music ;) Learn to move to the beat and women will want to dance with you, because if you can move like that to a song on a floor imagine how you can move in bed, she is wondering :) This, of course is for mature people to understand ;)

Now go bang yer heads to Slayer doods! :stallard: