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22nd August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Hi For the last few days iv been fignting an unsuccessfull war in trying to change the sovereign ship and bridge into a defiant.Im not experianced at-all in doin things like this so need ALOT of help) Im hoping that someone will be able to help me get this working, here's where i got to so far:

Ive managed to swap all the origional sovereign bridge animations with defiant bridge ones (in \data\animations) (well i think i did) And then deleted all the files (in \data\models\sets\ebridge\high) and replaced then with the defiant bridge files. Then i swapped the sovereign .nif files with the defiant files.

I then went into the game in testmode, and loaded a sovereign mission. there are 2 problems. The first is, the position where the player actually sits (in the command chair) is actually almost on the celing giving a birds eye view! i need to know how to bring the player view down so i am actually looking around from the command chair. The second thing is, All the crew all are sitting in the correct places, except for commander Data, who is sitting just to the left of me in the celing. Im not too bothered about data being up there though.

I also need to know how to change the Player ship from being the Sovereign to the Defiant (i am planning to use 9of9's defiant (the one that in the downloads list is called 'Defiant class USS Defiant')

If anyone knows how to solve my problems or has any Ideas, please tell me, or even if you know someone that does know please ask them, i've seen alot of posts from people asking how to change single player bridges, and my plan is to get it working myself, then write up an instruction manual of how to do it with any bridge (hopefully).

Thanks for your time -Severniae



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26th October 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Ok firstly, I wouldn't try swapping the bridges. The bridge layout is essential to certain parts of the single player game, and changing it messes it up.

To change your ship from the sovvy to the defiant do this;

Goto scripts\ships

Find Rename it to sovereign.backup or similar Copy as in the same directory.

This will replace the sovvy in game with the defiant.

You can replace the Galaxy the same way, and change them to any ship in the game.


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16th January 2006

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#3 12 years ago

All you need to do is rename the PY file "Defiant" in the "scripts/ships" folder to "Sovereign" and then delete the file "Sovereign.pyc" and this will solve your problem. I wouldn't advise trying to put different bridges in single-player unless you're a good scripter who knows how to deal with the Maelstrom scripts; in order to have the Defiant bridge in single-player would require adjustments to all of the Maelstrom scripts for episodes 3-8 in the parts that deal with loading sets and bridges. -CR

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19th March 2003

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#4 12 years ago
elminster;611958Ok firstly, I wouldn't try swapping the bridges. The bridge layout is essential to certain parts of the single player game, and changing it messes it up.

exactly - especially when you have an "extra" walk onto the bridge (such as Data, that Klingon guy, that Vulcan guy, etc etc) don't try to use a different bridge in SP - if it could be done, someone would have done it and put a mod out there already no doubt...