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#21 15 years ago

Menelaus Marines are a branch off the Navy[/QUOTE]

No they are a seperate force. The Marine Corps is like Army + Navy....

Spyder F-16The Marines dont have their own special forces squad, like the army does with Green Barrets/Rangers/Delta Force. The Marines are in essence one large 'Special Ops'.

Ok that answers my questions.

[QUOTE=]The Marines Basic training is tougher and also better than that in the army, navy, and USAF. Most to all marines know how to kill a man by using just their thumbs to the guys eyes.

Yea Marine Boot Camp is 13 weeks. Others are like 6 or 7.


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#22 15 years ago

HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!!!!!! The Marines are under the direction of the Secretary of the Navy...they are not made up of army+navy......There is not 5 star general of the MC during time of war. Why? so the 5 star general of the Navy has undisputed rank! That in itself proves the USMC is part of the Navy


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#23 15 years ago

It all depends on what your definition is of 'a part of'. You dont see marines in a sailor cap, but the navy brass does have control over them. In a legal sense, the Marines are a branch of the navy, but there not really navy peeps...

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#24 15 years ago

Duno, the UK have the Special Boat Squadrons.