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28th September 2002

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#11 18 years ago

But i h8 it when pplz overpower ships

THAT GUY WANTED 24 faster than normal firing distruptors!

i mean some pplz whack 3 sovs of shields, 3 galexies of weapons and a lot of hull, texture it and call it a ship!

i mean its not all about having giant super ship

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#12 18 years ago

Not everyone plays BC on Multiplayer. Having improved firing arcs does not overpower a ship. The damage ratio is the same. That's a preview from the movie, and that's considered canon. Fortunately, I can make my own mods.

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21st September 2002

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#13 18 years ago

HAHAHA.... are we in the ranting section? Let me check? Yeah, Yeah, we who have been trekkies from the first original series have already written the letters complaining about the glaring deviations from what is canon in one episode from another. Remember we were the first ones that had to live with knowing that klingons were first genetically modified so the knuckle head did not show. Now! in order to develop a game and there has been a game for Star Trek from wayback, a board game. It clearly showed the need for canon based simply on the need to effect proper outcomes that made sense. That is the canon we need to address. It wont be to stiffle anyones creativity, it wont be to force an idea on the masses, its just a simply set of ground rules to assist a designer and programmers so that we all can play together in cough cough....harmony... by nature of the fact that you are debating the point shows you want to agree when it comes to trading ships and use them in single play and multiplay. You also want to know what to expect from a ship, a bridge, a torpedo. Right here, right now, you as a group can for band together for that most perfect union and modify things and establish that environment.

oh and by the way, that comment about a shuttle taking on a capital ship, is that anything like a rubber skif taking on some thing as the U.S.S Cole? couldnt happen in real life could it? that would go against canon?


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4th June 2002

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#14 18 years ago

well, that's why we filter the ships out into the godships catagory. That way the people that do like high powered ships can find them, and the people who don't want them, wont get them by accedent.

Ofcourse, this was one of my major beefs with unione mod team, is that many were seriously overpowered, and then no py so we could change it.

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