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16th July 2005

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#11 12 years ago

Pb2Au;3538655 Ignoring those issues and for the fun of it assuming this was socially acceptable and the habitat they were placed in was a perfect replica of Earth, what are some of the beliefs you guys think this group of humans would develop as they grew up? You don't have to write a hundred pages, but if you have an interesting idea on religious developments, social developments, communication (writing, speech?), diet (would they become omnivores, or remain vegetarians), and any other topic, please share it.[/quote]

Do these babies reproduce at all and create a culture, or do they just grow live and die.

If you are asking that question and stopping at the first line of babies assuming they reproduced then i don't think much at all would happen. I assume that they would act like animals really. You really can't guess though, because assuming that they communicate, one of the babies could have major impacts on the rest.

[quote=Sh0wdowN;3539354]I do not see such an experiment as reprehensible, to be perfectly honest, as it would be one of the best studies in order to determine essential information regarding the human mindset. Sacrifice for science. The problem with the experiment, though, is that the babies will have to be self-taught in the art of survival. And due to our very nature, that is a feat we cannot produce as infants; thus making the experiment virtually impossible without our influence which could compromise exact results.

I don't think there's to much to ponder here really, they would basically grow to be a bit more intellegent than early man.


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#12 12 years ago

Well all conditioning developed from biology at some point, so if those group of babies could reproduce they would follow something relatively close to human development including religion and society. Every last thing in society, every single thing, can be somehow related to a biological process somewhere back in our evolution including the developmenty of religion, capitalism, class systems, slavery, everything, all of it.

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