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#31 13 years ago

i read through most of this.............

anyway, as a few have said, a regular sleep schedule will get you on the right track, once your inner clock is screwed up, it can mess a lot of things up

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#32 13 years ago

I'd go get a scan from a neurologist and if I were you, i'd get a therapist.

Basically, from your situation, i'm guessing that when you were hit with the paintball to the head, it threw off your brain just a tad (you might have a worse concussion than you thought, hence why you should go to the neurologist). The concussion might have caused the vision thing as well.

For your glasses, ask your optician for a lower perscription. Try to talk and work with your therapist in order to develop your daily routines that might have been thrown off. Now, why do I say get a therapist instead of trying it on your own? Because you probably will need motivation and someone who is there to help you do it will help you accomplish getting back into the swing of life.


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#33 13 years ago

Hi guys. Thanks very much for all the advice. It's incredible how many people here have experienced the same things. I'm guessing that my problems are caused by a "Gamers lifestyle", where by I spend hours on the computer (Up to 5am) and sleep through until 1pm, do't get any excercise etc. Tonight i'm going to write up a list on things I can do to help my self. Thanks you very much everyone for your input. These opinions will help me a lot. Cheers, Aurora.


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#34 13 years ago
'Aurora-[NZ']Hey guys, first off, i'd like to say two things. (1) I'm not some emo idiot, I have real problems and real worries here. (2) I realise this is a gaming forum, but I've been to doctors and they can't give me answers, so I figured why not ask on a board which has hundreds of people viewing, most of which are intellegent people - that may have experienced the same thing somewhere along the track. Alrighty, i'll keep this as brief as possible so no one gets bored. April 2005 (A year ago) I got a bad concussion during a paintball game when I got shot in the head. About a week later I started experiencing some fairly traumatic symptoms such as headaches, sensitivity to light, poor vision and concentration, anxiety and depression, dizzyness and a lot lot more. It's a year down the track now, and while most of the physical symptoms have gone (Bar sensitivity to light and blurred vision) I seem to have a lot of mental symptoms which are much worse. I don't know if they have anything to do with the paintball accident or if they are a defect of worry about the concussion - I just dont know. These "Mental symptoms" include... *Bad concentration *Poor memory/forgetful *Worry/anxiety *Depression (Maybe) *Clouded thought process or clouded thinking *Mood swings *Thinking about death a bit or thinking about what will happen after I die. *Time seems to be going really fast *Things sometimes feel... "Unreal" *I get fidgity sometimes *I don't really think about much anymore except for my health problems, which is very drilling and worrying *I don't really feel like doing much *I get nervous a lot which is unusual for me *I can't be bothered socialising anymore. *I'm very unmotivated and feel lazy. I I do need to do something it feels like a burden or it's hard to do. *I kind of feel locked in my own head or something. Hard to explain. There's a lot more symptoms but these are the main ones. The reason i'm posting is because i'm really tired of it all and just want to return to normal. I feel that i'm never going to get better - I would just like some direction or some possible ideas as to why i'm feeling like this? Could it be stress? Post traumatic stress? Depression? I don't get it, I just need some help. Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but I have been through the whole doctor thing many times and they don't really know whats going on. I have had head scans which came up clear. TO give you guys some more background info, here's a bit of my daily life. I work a part time job. I spend a lot of time on the computer (4 or 5 hours a day) I smoke (Although I gave up three days ago) I have a VERY irregular sleep/wake cycle (EG I'll go to bed one night at 4am, get up at 12pm, another night I may go to bed at 2am and get up at 11am) I have better days, and I have bad days. But just remember I have been like this for a year now, and showing no signs of improvement. Ideas guys? -Aurora.



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#35 13 years ago

Im trying to work out how the hell your rep has gone done the drain since this thread. Bloody Hell. Good luck mate, you'll do well.