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#1 8 years ago

The thread's title is pretty much to the point. I got stuck into a dilemma this past year.

You see, I currently am studying IT, mainly programming of stuff. It's been my passion for years. It's good payment as a starter's job later on, and definitely worth the salary when being a senior. Worth it as in, for the fun that I am experiencing whilst doing it. The downside however, is that I am behind the computer pretty much the entirety of the day; at home in the monring, internship (8 hours usually), and then back at home until I go to bed.

A new passion has come up over the course of these two years though, which is singing and music in general. This passion has pretty much nearly taken over, although programming isn't off the list at all.

I absolutely would love to study theater (mainly opera, not the usual musical) singing & acting, and possible conducting of an orchestra too. I wouldn't be able to do all this as private lessons as this would be way too expensive (especially conducting as far as I know).

My parents have not supported a scenario whereas I'd change my study to this, as in their eyes, a study related to music is not something that is entirely reliable, income-wise, and not precisely "much" either (which would be relative anyway).

Another downside is that no single school that offers this kind of study (art of music), is near where I live. The closest and only viable school in my country would be that in Tilburg, which is roughly 45 minutes to an hour of traveling time with the train (intercity). It would be too expensive to do this every day, without renting a student's dorm.

Also, my diploma for IT will be worth slightly less, as physics – something I enjoy a LOT as well – has been scraped off the list as lessons and grade, because the teacher had a heart attack nearly two years ago, and thus stopped with teaching, as he had to recover. They couldn't find a replacement, so their solution was to, as said, scrap it off the list of grades.

So it all comes down to: what should I do? I do plan to make a career as professional dramatic tenor/"opera singer" (for the sake of using this term), as I know I'm talented. But the income is entirely dependent on my success, whereas that would not be the case with programming; I would have a solid and monthly salary (or hourly-based if freelance).

It's a huge dilemma for me – I'm afraid of making the wrong choice and end up not enjoying my life as I should have.

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#2 8 years ago

How many years do you approximately have left on your degree? If it's not much, would finishing it and then working to finance your music career be an option? There is no shortage of talented singers, so you would have to work very hard to make an income you could live on from it, and thus it would be good to have something to help you survive the first years or decades before you make a name for yourself, rather than just doing random jobs for minimum wage.


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#3 8 years ago

A dilemma indeed.

Two ways of looking at this; normally I'd say that you should follow your heart and do what makes you feel better about yourself. In this case, that would be your theatre based work.

That being said, it's more likely there is going to be more jobs and employment within programming. Depending on the answers to the questions asked above by Huffardo, I'd currently suggest that you stick to your programming career, get that all finished up, and then get a steady job. You can always work on changing your career once you've settled into a job.

In regards to your parents, they probably want you to be successful, and they're probably going to see a career in computing benefit you more than a career in theatre. That being said, ultimately if you're going to be happier with yourself and your achievements by doing theatre, then you should do it. you'll only be kicking yourself later in life when you're sat behind a desk wondering what you life could have been like.