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#1 4 years ago

A safe & healthy workplace will not only ensure better productivity but also will make us feel at home. It is the duty of each employee to keep the workplace healthy and safe. Overlooking safety can lead to fatal accidents or even loss of life. The organisations they work for have a pivotal role in providing ample training regarding workplace safety. NEBOSH is a globally recognised agency delivering nebosh international diploma courses in institutions around the world. NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus is accredited by international organisations like IOSH and IIRSM. NEBOSH international diploma courses are globally accredited. NEBOSH International Diploma course includes courses on construction safety, gas and oil safety, and general safety. NEBOSH International Diploma courses equip employees to execute workplace safety in any organisation in the world. NEBOSH qualification includes NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH National General Certificate. There are a few institutions providing NEBOSH certified courses in India. NEBOSH recognises only the courses that are committed to professionally train employees about workplace safety. NEBOSH envisages to build strong awareness among the by offering them NEBOSH International Diploma Courses. It is important for every organisation to give training for its employees to deal with safety issues in the workplace. NEBOSH International Diploma courses will equip them to face out any possible safety breach and ensure that the workplace safety is maintained.

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I studied for my NEBOSH once, as I was going to be a Health & Safety type person.

I was surprised to see a thread about this.

I am even more surprised to see it was a spam bot.

I am sad now.

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Wait I thought you were with health and safety! I've applied all your advice to the letter. I've never felt safer!