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Promiscuous Girl

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6th July 2005

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#41 12 years ago

I swear. But really theyre just words with that everyone considers "bad." Its the meaning you take it as. I dont find them offensive really. But when Im at home I rarely swear. My parents dont like it. I suppose most kids swear anyway. However I try not to use them excessivly. Mostly around friends. Never ever when Im speaking to an adult.


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10th March 2006

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#42 12 years ago

I don't swear really at all at home, my mom would kill me if she heard the f word come out of my mouth. I curse and swear a lot at school and out in public with my friends though. Its just the way we all talk. When I'm writing I curse a bit, not too much. Foul language is a lot like spice, when used sparingly it makes a hell of a good difference.


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17th March 2004

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#43 12 years ago

Fuck morals, I swear all the fuckin' time!


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25th November 2003

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#44 12 years ago

Sure, i swear a good bit at times. Mainly when i'm out with friends or at home or during school. But when i'm out in public, i try to be polite as possible to people. I have no problem with swearing at all, but i don't like people who swear about everything, as in when there talking about something every other word is a swear word. Its gets to be annoying and makes them sound retarded.

Ensign Riles VIP Member

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17th June 2003

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#45 12 years ago

I don't swear. I believe there are more mature ways to express myself without offending other people. Personally I think it's sad how often people use profanity without even thinking. :uhm:


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19th July 2006

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#46 12 years ago

like some of the others that metions before me, i dont swear that much in public cuz well thats just really retarded but online, hehe i cant contrl myself with the keyboard =)


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18th February 2006

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#47 12 years ago

i swear but not excessivly. i hate when kids swear way too much and gets annoying. i swear with my friends and stuff but never at home.



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30th March 2003

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#48 12 years ago

I cuss like a sailor, in proper context...which means not to my mom, professors or anyone in positions of authority...(unless I'm drunk)

Admiral Donutz VIP Member

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9th December 2003

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#49 12 years ago

There is no "need" for it, but in certain situations it can be pleasant to use a curse word (such as when you injured yourself). People who need curse words to get their point across are pretty sad.

I used them sometimes when I end up in a fight with my brother (most of the time I just try talk a sense of guilt into him though) but that is about it. Oh and sometimes for fun with collegues at work when we are in a fun mood and take a piss on everything and/or everybody.


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31st July 2006

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#50 12 years ago

I swear a bit, but not excessively. I don't mind cursing or swearing, as long as it is not used excessively. And, I hate it when people use words that they do not understand the meaning. Example "i c*nted that guy dude!"