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I didn't make it!

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#11 13 years ago

I did no flaming. My first post was a question directed towards Ma Deuce and then a joke.

King_Nothing100's post included him calling me a "biotch"

My second post was a statment to King_Nothing100 saying that my first post was directed towards Ma Deuce, not him.

King_Nothing100 was the one flaming not me. I suggest you read the posts that you delete before harassing me about them.


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#12 13 years ago

It was an inappropriate joke, then. If you an issue with moderting, please PM me or another moderator, and we can work it out. But that's enough digressing this thread. :p

I've never gotten a tattoo before, nor would I really want to, so I'm not much of a source on how the procedure goes or feels after.

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#13 13 years ago

I'm getting a tatto of An Anhk on my forarm, then perhaps a scarb

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#14 13 years ago

Rember, will I like this in 50 or 60 years?:p.

I have herd that places like under the arms, between the legs(I have only herd of girls getting them there), and other places where the skin is soft hurt more.


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31st December 2005

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#15 13 years ago

Ill tell you this... iv got a tattoo from 1 shoulderblade to the other. it hurts, i wont lie... but it a pain everybody can bare. not like a stabb or a deep cut. my tattoo took 2 hours to make with 3-5 sec brake every 2 mins. and u should realy consider that u might regret it later. so dont make somthing with a meaning of the moment.



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#16 13 years ago

I got one, left arm, mid bicep. I hurt when I got it, kinda like a thousand beestings, and it took about 2 weeks for the tat to heal. Strangely enough, I liked the feeling, and am considering getting more done! As to what Pethegreat said, I agree. Get something that is meaningful, and that you will be proud to have emblazoned on your flesh. For example, mine is our unit patch, and will serve as a proud reminder of my service and time spent in until the day I die. Get something that has meaning to you, and that you are sure you will want to have on you for the rest of your life.

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#17 13 years ago

I would suggest gettign a Sharpie first. Draw the design on yourself with the Sharpie, every day. After 6 months, if you haven't gotten tired of looking at the design, then get it in ink. Oh, if you are a sissy about needles like I am, I would reccomend not getting a tattoo.


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#18 13 years ago

my mum said its like athousand needles stabing you. (basicaly it is, but just one repetedly) anyways im gonna get something australian, and a tribal tatto on my back

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#19 13 years ago

If It was just like a regular Syringe thing, I might get one when I turn 20, but if it's feels like 100 Needles Compacted into one, no thank you. The only thing I would consider is "Ozzy" tatooed on my knuckles.

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