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#1 10 years ago

Five years ago one of my first threads was about the best and worst PotDs on FilesNetwork. Almost 900 threads later, I thought it would be helpful to see once again what to do and what not to do when submitting new pictures. ;)

Feel free to move this to Spam.

Act of War

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "AOW screenie #4" 1115689652.jpg

Worst (1): "Some Direct Action" 1137957531_7.jpg

Age of Empires Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.6): "Awesome View 3" 1206896336_88.jpg

Worst (1.7): "Life of the giant blue crabs.Screen#4" 1181886920_75.jpg

Aliens vs. Predator Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "The Yautja Hunter!" 1174335579_47.jpg

Worst (1.9): "Alien Loves predator #168 guest dave cheung" 1140011214_78.jpg

America's Army

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "Welcome To Prison" 1188119364_75.jpg

Worst (1.7): "DONT MESS WITH ME" 1191741501_4.jpg

Armada Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.6): "Star Trek Armada III: The possibilities are endless" 1205579537_75.jpg

Worst (2.6): "FilesNetwork's latest baby has launched! for all your needs for Brat Design's upcoming Breed! Go check it out!" breedfiles.jpg

Worst (2.7): "The Dominion owning in MP's Dominion Mod. Picture by Felipe Cea" 1036285876.jpg

Armed Assault

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "Thuderbolt" 1185375517_13.jpg

Worst (1.9): "Yup, Bob, it's pretty serious when that starts happening." 1104733530.jpg

Battlefield Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair. Or I'll get the Lancaster to flatten your lair" 1201576432_12.jpg

Worst (2.7): "w00t! Agent__Smith Joins the Crapfest!!" 1073846201.jpg

Bet On Soldier

Spoiler: Show

Best (7.4): "Lets Move Out!" 1122569014.jpg

Worst (1): "6" 1135297502_92.jpg

Black & White 2

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.3): "A Nice Town in the Middle of a Norse Island, about 500ish mansions" 1181361085_69.jpg

Worst (2.1): "From LionHead's Site" 1140936110_70.jpg


Spoiler: Show

Best (8.9): "test5" 1191855271_79.jpg

Worst (5.2): "Such promise..." 1106253023.jpg

Bridge Commander

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.9): "Today is a good day to triumph!" 1141154424_66.jpg

Worst (3.8): "Classic Face-off" 1071970001.jpg

Brothers in Arms Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.2): "Welcome to BrothersInArms Files" 1115668058.jpg

Worst (2.2): "How could I lose?!!!! I was leading 2 minutes ago." 1137871668_66.jpg

Call of Duty Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.3): "Dead for sure" 1211037054_98.jpg

Worst (2.6): "Loot At Me!" 1081594327.jpg

Civilization IV

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "The dawn of a new Civilization!" 1137183136_29.jpg

Worst (1.6): "Hummmm..." 1139238643_5.jpg

Command And Conquer Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "The cause why Nod lost in TS." 1211046714_15.jpg

Worst (1.3): "Command and Controversy: KW rips off C&C Retarded?" 1206679099_65.jpg

Company of Heroes

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.6): "Oooh crap, I'm getting outta here!" 1189410226_18.jpg

Worst (2.1): "Mission Impossible" 1196695318_52.jpg

Counter-Strike Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.6): "The T-1000 absolutely will not stop!" 1122477817.jpg

Worst (3.4): "Kleiner's Lab" 1100947676.jpg


Spoiler: Show

Best (9.9): "The only computer made for Crysis..." 1206901476_36.jpg

Worst (2.8): "um... Major Strickland(s)!!! 2 seconds later.. cloning doesnt help him either *sigh*" 1214157708_53.jpg

Dark Messiah

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.8): "N/A" 1184697853_1.jpg

Worst (2.3): "Your day is about to get that much worse..." 1164834802_27.jpg

Dawn of War Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.4): "If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't count." 1131234418_76.jpg

Worst (3.3): "Oooh! Right where it Hurts!" 1184785579_34.jpg

Deus Ex Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "J.C. Denton." 1201524175_16.jpg

Worst (3.3): "Glitch at Nassif Greenhouse DX2" 1114980446.jpg


Spoiler: Show

Best (10): "Thats what you call legless =P" 1049654705.jpg

Worst (1): "TempleOfTheSpirits converted to ETERNAL DAMNATION (early version)" 1179273899_63.jpg

Doom 3

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "This will be ready for you folks to download soon!" 1199393098_88.jpg

Worst (2.4): "the lift" 1183943756_66.jpg

Elite Force Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.9): "Elite Force: Total Conversion, A Mod For Half-Life 2." 1111698506.jpg

Worst (2.1): "Freeze you Romi pig" 1124902402.jpg

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.8): ""Oh Dear"" 1209259383_97.jpg

Worst (3.6): "Not too bad if I do say so myself , highest XP I've ever seen :D" 1193366600_66.jpg

Far Cry Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "Official Far Cry 2 Screenshot" 1214013841_85.jpg

Worst (1.8): "Sweet dreams, ho sweet dreams." 1128305418.jpg


Spoiler: Show

Best (9.2): "Fettel got a little carried away this time!" 1189555732_20.jpg

Worst (1.8): "That guy looks flexible on his back" 1139888877_67.jpg

Flight Simulator X

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "Civil Air Patrol (Plane By Mobius And Brad)" 1186693418_79.jpg

Worst (2.8): "Hang on Chief!" 1186813086_52.jpg

Gears of War

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.8): "Head Shot!" 1186682809_76.jpg

Worst (2.7): "Troll and Stick: Gears of War Page One" 1199992020_1.jpg

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.4): "What is he doing??!!!!" 1212991072_37.jpg

Worst (1.7): "Ghost firing off the catwalk to the enemies below" 1149805935_74.jpg

Grand Theft Auto Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.9): "Wanted" 1210260471_81.jpg

Worst (2.2): "What are you so mad about?" 1214234303_35.jpg

Halo Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (10): "Halo 2 for Windows Vista. Do not post here, go post in the News topic." 1139520530_14.jpg

Worst (2.4): "i took a wrong step" 1094134752.jpg

Jedi Knight Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "Battle of Helm's Deep...Star Wars style!" 1051500369.jpg

Worst (2.9): "remember on "dexters lab"he said "you wouldnt know it if it was tatooed on your retna"?GALAK will have more than a tatoo on after this" 1074125710.jpg

Joint Operations

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.8): "Boom head shot" 1144975754_64.jpg

Worst (1) "Hey buddy your not actually gonna shoot that, are ya?" 1104607944.jpg

Knights of the Old Republic Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.8): "Atton Rand's finest and most embarrassing moment!" 1209160746_35.jpg

Worst (2.7): "After so many years, his only companion finaly turned on him." 1133629883_4.jpg

Lord of the Rings Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.3): "To War!! (Screenshot by Gothmog14)" 1194339914_70.jpg

Worst (2.1): ">Just as WVG, I sent in one of these too ^^ I made it in Macromedia Fireworks =3>" 1189329788_23.jpg

Medal of Honor Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.9): "David Muzza,101st ABN, 502nd Fox Company, First Recorded Perish in D-DAY, in 5th June, wrote a letter home saying for it to not be a death letter" 1212676543_76.jpg

Worst (1.9_: "Christmas Zen" 1198608928_67.jpg

Never Winter Nights 2

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "A skeleton warrior ready to attack." 1152658918_50.jpg

Worst (1): "Welcome to Neverwinter Nights 2 files! Take a seat by the fire, order a drink and discuss the game." 1150974184_43.jpg


Spoiler: Show

Best (9.6): "nice pet" 1160577475_13.jpg

Worst (1.3): "Am I gonna Life or Die?" 1153022121_37.jpg

Quake 4

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "HeadShot by: R. Monson" 1171964128_90.jpg

Worst (2.5): "Before a scream, Makron's gun shots and a lot of blood being spluttered around..." 1191488217_7.jpg

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.3): "Do they know this is the war room???" 1047056229.jpg

Worst (2.1): "Can't you see I'm using the toilet!" 1175367635_88.jpg

Rise of Nations 2

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "If you go down to the woods today...." 1159210497_85.jpg

Worst (3.2): "OMG! They have flea`s in their hair!" 1148996974_55.jpg

Serious Sam 2

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.4): "Finally I can relax a bit" 1134658443_27.jpg

Worst (2.7): "What happens if you search for "SS2" with Google Images Search?" 1139061729_65.jpg

Sins of a Solar Empire

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.0): "This is going to be one hell of a day!!! Ready the gauss canons.." 1206481014_17.jpg

Worst (5.1): "Show them NO mercy!!" 1206481047_91.jpg

Soldier of Fortune Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.6): "Bob.....I'll never let go....." 1055123146.jpg

Worst (2.3): "AUW that has GOT to hurt!!!" 1115757171.jpg


Spoiler: Show

Best (10): "Hey, Garik! You sleeping on the job? That's NOT good..." 1186843433_36.jpg

Worst (2.5): "IM BURNING!!!!!" 1192503816_99.jpg

Star Trek: Legacy

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.1): "Concept - We're Breaking Free!" 1213382247_70.jpg

Worst (3.4): "Legacy (inspired Armada 2 Picture)" 1158164176_53.jpg

Star Wars: Battlefront Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.8): "The only reason the Republic was victorious at Geonosis - incompetent droids drinking on the job..." 1156271155_68.jpg

Worst (3.4): "Wrangler the Kid has REALLY outdone himself this time......" 1101394119.jpg

Star Wars: Empire at War

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "The Battle of Endor" 1189737773_15.jpg

Worst (2.7): "The Super Star Destroyer" 1148600507_12.jpg

Starcraft II

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.4): "Terran Wraith" 1202668331_99.jpg

Worst (4.9): "Chuck Craft 2" 1210645643_29.jpg

Starfleet Command III

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.6): "A Tough Little Ship..." 1213501386_3.jpg

Worst (2.0): "Die Borg Die the Death of a Borg defiant(TNW Server)" 1066379433.jpg

Stargate Worlds

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.8): "Gosh that IS shocking!" 1178311362_49.jpg

Worst (.7): "Proof of namco" 1138400455_8.jpg

Supreme Commander

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.2): "monkeyclass battlebot?" 1201034524_35.jpg

Worst (2.0): "how bigs the army now" 1185995570_89.jpg

The Elder Scrolls Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "Time passes, wars end and nature reclaims all......." 1214419026_59.jpg

Worst (2.8): "Umm.. pretty face...or neck?" 1159597895_12.jpg

The Movies

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.7): "Hey, That's my mom!" 1143363961_59.jpg

Worst (1.9): "Nice Clothes!" 1136219026_74.jpg

The Sims Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.3): "Here comes the Toiletman" 1207658985_8.jpg

Worst (2.6): "All I have to say is Sims 2 Rocks" 1123254419.jpg

TrackMania Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.7): "twisted sky" 1147601475_68.jpg

Worst (1.3): "Fallen" 1151861914_29.jpg

Tribes Vengeance

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.5): "Allright now ya done it!!!" 1102699130.jpg

Worst (1.0): "I wish I brought a coat..." 1112810011.jpg

Unreal Series

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.5): "Get out of my face!" 1204037349_91.jpg

Worst (1.3): "radgoll physics gone wild" 1154014617_49.jpg

Warcraft III

Spoiler: Show

Best (8.9): "Final Battle." 1142801932_17.jpg

Worst (1.8): "battle" 1198938548_5.jpg

World of Warcraft

Spoiler: Show

Best (9.0): "The secret behind the Undead" 1176135459_22.jpg

Worst (2.0): "I didn't know they had lines in World of Warcraft" 1175122829_78.jpg


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#2 10 years ago

Ha this is great and it helps me when I am wondering about all these sites with their huge archive that would take days to look though.


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#3 10 years ago

Great work.

Lol, i wonder though, why is it when i submit POTDs that they only stay up for like 3 hours?? Mine was from the same vein as the Best FarCry image, it was a similar image of FC2.

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#4 10 years ago

Riles.... you have way too much free time...

If there is no image, Mikey broke something...


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#5 10 years ago

Its Star Wars:Battlefront not Star Trek!!


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#6 10 years ago

Haha! Oh Riles you just brought back a lot of memories, thankyou!


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#7 10 years ago
Best (9.6): "Star Trek Armada III: The possibilities are endless"
Spoiler: Show

Cool, nice to see my concept pic ;)


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#8 10 years ago

I concur with Stalker....lots of time to do that... I've been all through the Bridge Commander post of the day...I can't imagine going through ALL of them...from other sites.

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#9 10 years ago

Riles presumably has access to the back-end of the sites. It's been a long time since I've seen that though, I can't remember what features it has and it's probably changed a lot since.

If that's not how he did it, and he just trawled through them all like us peons have to do, then we really need to take him out for a night on the town.

Some funny ones there though. I'm not quite sure I understand Serious Sam 2's "the worst" though :/.


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#10 10 years ago

Hah, good job! :)

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