The best type of food? 6 replies

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#1 4 weeks ago

… polls, so lets YOLO it again....

So what is the best, which one could you keep if you had to eliminate all others....

  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Spanish
  • American
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Other

For me...…… tough one but it has to be, begrudgingly, American. The idea of no more hot dogs. No more burgers. No more of that SWEET SWEET PHILLY CHEESE STEAK, RIBS, BBQ PULLED PORK...…. the world would be a worse place to live.

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#2 4 weeks ago

I would say American because there is a lot of other cultures foods kinda incorporated into it.

Look at "Americanized" Chinese food. Half the stuff we American's consider "Chinese" food they don't even eat in China, it's purely an American creation/version so you'd still have that in there.

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#3 3 weeks ago

Whatever i can afford..

But Americanized cuisine mostly.  Although, where I live I can get authentic Thai, but you have to ask for it and I know the owner, so it helps.  Love Thai food.

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#4 3 weeks ago

Italian, definitely.


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#5 3 weeks ago

If all foods were equally nutritious for me, I'd keep Italian or the American variant of Italian food (I haven't actually had authentic Italian food). Lasagna, pizza, pasta loaded with olive oil... All delicious. And all foods I've not had more than once in a couple years now.

I don't have the refinement to know the difference between the different Asian foods, but one of them would have to be a close second.

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#6 1 week ago

I like all dishes with meat

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#7 1 week ago