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#1 5 months ago

So I was thinking about this earlier and am curious as to others experiences.

How well can you see the night sky where you are? It seems more and more we are losing the night sky. I can remember just 15 years ago it was so much easier to see the stars than it is now and I'm in a pretty rural area. I can't imagine having always lived in a city and basically never seeing the night sky.

Reminds me of a story I've read of a power outage in Los Angeles back in the 90's actually had people calling the cops reporting strange floating clouds over the city because they were seeing the Milky Way for the first time ever.

What is it like where you are at? Can you see the night sky? There is a cool website that kinda gives an idea of how much light pollution you have in a given area.

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#2 5 months ago

I live at the edge of a major city, so light pollution isn't as bad as it could be but still a major factor. Definitely no milky way for me.

Very interesting website. My place gets a SQM value of 20.5 mag./arc sec² or 5 on the Bortle scale, which seems to be normal for sub-urban areas.

A couple of years ago I went on vacation to a small island that is part of the Canaries (La Palma). I lived in a small house on the western side of the island, where you only have a few small cities and those were at least 10km away. Also about 2km from the nearest other house. The night-sky view was fantastic. I later learned that this island is popular with astronomers. There is a big observatory on top of the extinct volcanoe at the island's center.

For comparison, the Bortle scale value for that place is 2, so still not perfect.

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#3 5 months ago

Where I live is close to city, so it is not really suburbs. Is semi-urban a thing? Also, I live directly next to the motorway. In fact, the concrete sound barrier for the motorway is directly behind the garage.

To the south, not even a mile away, is the actual urban part of town. To the north is the the airport, on the other side of the motorway. The housing development where I live is located smack between them.

So, as you can imagine, stars are not a thing in my skybox.


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#4 4 months ago

I live in a city of less than 10000 people so I can see the night sky fairly well from time to time. Though my glasses prescription is far out of date so I'd be hard-pressed to see much detail nowadays. But it's also one of those things you  take for granted here. One of those simple pleasures you just can't be bothered to pay too much attention to.


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#5 4 months ago

To be honest unless the sky is very clear and there aren't too many street lights about you can't really see many stars, I've never seen a sky full of stars like in movies.