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#12901 2 months ago

I promise you guys I will post a real selfie when I gain 15 pounds. Disclaimer: It may be a while - I am currently not exercising and am not eating enough at the moment to do anything other than maintain my current weight.

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#12902 2 months ago

Just look at my avatar.

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#12903 2 months ago
Posted by Lindale

So, you work at Mears! Now I know exactly where to find you!

OR am I simply a fan of Ray Mears?

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#12904 1 month ago

My Mug

Unrepentant Hoser

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#12905 3 weeks ago

ok i guess ill jump in....

a few of my horrible mug shots....

in the first pic, that is def not vodka on the rocks i was drinking...  lol  :D






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#12906 2 weeks ago

I feel like I remember you from long ago.

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