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20th June 2006

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#41 12 years ago
ForcePeople who insult other people behind their back and then say nice things to the person when they're there. My friend does it all the time and it pisses me off.

I hate that! I have like 3 (previous) friends who did that to me, then get all happy happy joy joy nice guy on me completely denying what they did. Also people who get pissed easy, sheesh what's wrong? Take too many steroids and only get the side effects? I mean if you get mad so easy, try going to a psychologist or something. I almost never get mad at anything, don't know why others would. Junior high\high school boys\girls Bunch of slutty girls dressing scantily as possible and not caring who sees (if you catch my drift) then going with their boyfriends on a "date". Boys who have their pants on their knees, seeing their boxers ain't my thing! It's not hot, it's f'ing stupid. (BTW, only 16) My biggest pet peeve. Being interuptted, I cannot even begin to comprehend how much I hate being interupted, I mean if I was talking and you straight stop me from talking, how mean\rude\annoying is that? It gets me mad just thinking about it.