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8th June 2009

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#1 10 years ago

Saw this. Read it. Posted it.

BBC News - The strange virtual world of 4chan

I myself don't see much of a problem with 4chan. Like that guy in the article said, "it's more bark than bite." The porn video flood on Youtube was epic, and without 4chan, we wouldn't have lolcats. =p



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#2 10 years ago

I like how they defended the cat who was thrown away. Bravo to the anonymous.


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29th January 2008

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#3 10 years ago

4chan seems like the easiest thing to pin internet michief on.

I've never had a problem with it, and I actually visit their boards quite a bit. Most of it's funny shit, there's just a rediculous amount of porn there.



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30th August 2010

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#4 10 years ago

Well at least it didn't target out sections of 4chan. /me goes back to /vp/

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11th November 2003

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#5 10 years ago

I bitch about 4chan sometimes. The stupid memes that get repeated over and over everywhere on the net are tiresome. I'm not a fan, myself, and it's not somewhere I visit.

However, it fills a void. If it wasn't 4chan it would be something else. If we didn't have lolcats from 4chan, we'd have rofldawgs from elsewhere.

And it keeps the idiots confined somewhere. (Mostly...) =p

The only thing that really bothers me is when the personal attacks on people start. Sometimes people deserve it (Trash Cat bitch, for instance), but sometimes it seems a bit much.

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29th January 2005

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#6 10 years ago

The German article on 4chan was better.

Spoiler: Show

Anyways 4chan does stupid things but it does so to increase media awareness. It even found its way onto Jeopardy.

Don't care much for 4chan though, I either wait to hear about something or use ED. Going on the partyvan on TF2 also exposes me to some of it.

The owner Moot adds to it too by representing 4chan site interests in court. Like a few weeks ago during the trial over the kid who "hacked" Palin's email. Some highlights.

4chan Founder's Testimony about Sarah Palin E-mail Hacking

Spoiler: Show

Q. Certain terms, have a meaning unique to 4chan?

A. Yes.

Q. Like "OP," what is "OP"?

A. OP means original poster.

Q. Are you familiar these terms, having been the founder and administrator of the 4chan site?

A. Yes.

Q. What would "lurker" mean? A. Somebody who browses but does not post, does not contribute.

Q. What do the words "caps" mean? A. Screenshots.

Q. And is there any significance to "new fags"?

A. That is the term used to describe new users to the site.

Q. What about "b tard"

A. It's a term that users of the /b/- Random board use for themselves.

Q. What about "troll"?

A. Troublemaker.

Q. "404"? A. 404 is the status code for not found. It means essentially gone or not found.

Q. Not found on where, the 4chan site?

A. 404 is the http status code for not found, a page not found by the Web server.

Q. In what about "peeps"?

A. People.

Q. "Rickroll"?

A. Rickroll is a mean or Internet kind of trend that started on 4chan where users -- it basically a bait and switch. Users link you to a video of Rick Astley performingNever Gonna Give You Up.

Q. What about "white night"? Does that have a unique meaning on 4chan?

A. On 4chan I am not sure. White night in general, I guess, would mean a do gooder

Though honestly in terms of cat related violence, it has nothing on the origins of NEDM at YTMND, which came off some users who thought it'd be funny to burn a cat alive and post it on the site.


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20th February 2008

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#7 10 years ago

what's 4chan?

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19th August 2003

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#8 10 years ago


4chan is interesting. I just hate how all the memes start there and then like 9 months later people IN THE REAL WORLD start using them and have no idea where the basis was and how annoying it is.

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7th March 2003

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#9 10 years ago

A friend of mine (who also introduced me to 4chan) called it 'the asshole of the internet', and I think that's a pretty accurate description.

I visit the site (semi-)regularly as I like some of the often creative humour. That being said, as admin here on these forums I watch with utter horror when some of the '4chan lingo' spills over to us. 4chan has a pretty unfriendly atmosphere where it's perfectly acceptable to insult each other over small things and generally treat other users like shit. So when I see people on our forums calling each other 'retard' and what not while using the word 'fail' in every single post, I pull my hair in despair and feel like breaking something. I know I often come off as an angry old man but I really do think 4chan has a bad influence on our forum. We have always tried to maintain a free and friendly atmosphere on the forums here, and that is one of the reasons we crack down so hard on people insulting each other.

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28th May 2008

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#10 10 years ago

I've never actually visited 4chan. I'm guessing it's some sort of forum or message board.

However I have heard of it...plenty of times. Especially when concerning 12chan. 4chan has a bad influence on everything though. it's full of pretencious people trying to make the new saying or big thing like lolcats or something like WTF thus I hear it's full of alot of annoying and sick people.