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#1 1 month ago

so with the third wave about hit to hit Germany I was looking for fun weekend activities and I found a winner: copying all of my audio CDs to my PC in uncompressed glorious wav (no, I can't hear the difference to flac or even high-quality MP3, except for some few pieces that I know really well, but I feel the placebo effect). 

I'm using Exact Audio Copy, which is a great tool that does exactly what you'd think it would do. Also, disk space is dirt cheap, my DVD drive is way too loud and usually I'm too lazy to plug a CD into a drive like some 20th century analogue peasant. 

A fun, relaxing activity. Grab something to drink and listen to some music while EAC does the hard work. It is fun to rediscover some of the stuff you forgot you had (like the installation CDs for Morrowind that I just came across).

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#2 1 month ago

You should pop into the Discord, we have a music channel where you can share some of your favorites.

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#3 1 month ago

Man, I miss the days of burning my friends CDs and meticulously tagging all the files to fit my folders.

Never should have gotten rid of that collection.

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