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#11 7 years ago

I'm not a real fan of how user channel pages are laid out now. Else, I'm fine with it.

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#12 7 years ago

It's almost getting as bad as Steam for actually presenting information in a readable and easily searchable format.

Minimum amount of clicks required - minimum amount of eye movement required... while still being clearly delineated into categories and with enough space and contrast to be easily read.... There are a relatively small range of good designs for presenting information out there.

Yet for some reason that gets subsumed by people who want their website to have a unique visual identity. :cort: It's like saying you want your book to have a unique visual identity... or your flow chart to have a unique visual identity. It's nonsense, at least taken as the primary design factor. Of course it's nice to have little bits that stick in minds when people see them but when that starts to get in the way of the purpose for which the website exists - well you've vanished too far up your own arsehole.


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#13 7 years ago

The only thing I really don't like is the new channel layout. It's hard to navigate. The rest is pretty much the same layout with slight differences.

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#14 7 years ago

I managed to put my YouTube so it shows the old channel design, but it just sets MY channel like that, not the other ones I see, which is annoying considering I want to see the other ones... >.<

@Nemmerle: Very true what thou speakest. And it doesn't make much sense at all considering YouTube was unique as they were before this update... Now it's just another internet site that annoyingly changed for no reason whatsoever


Granyaski VIP Member

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#15 7 years ago

Its alright. Change is always annoying but you get used to it eventually. Its odd though, the new main page isn't too bad but as said before the channel layout and navigation system is awful. Everyone understood it now nobody does and whats with pinning a channel? Thought subscribing did that?

I'm just dealing with it, no point changing back as it is unlikely they will keep the old layout forever. Seems pretty pointless.

Only reason they have changed the layout is to make it look more professional; which is stupid really because everyone who cares knows google owns youtube and its popular regardless of the look. Waste of time IMO.

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#16 7 years ago

Does anyone know how to watch a particular video in someone's channel without it going to the video's page? It used to be that you just click the icon and it would play the video on the channel page, now it doesn't work.

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#17 7 years ago

These sad stories of woe are told every year.


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#18 7 years ago

i think its great

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