Things you miss from childhood that are now gone.... 10 replies

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#1 1 year ago

You know, TV shows, shops, places, things you simply can't do anymore.....

I'll start with;

Blockbuster Video. It was a family event to go down to rent a Friday night movie, and the movie we watched often had to take some consideration and we watched it and more often than not enjoyed it, even if it was crap like Jackie Chan's First Strike....

Now with Netflix you can just pick and choose, and ultimately get bored, far too easily.

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#2 1 year ago

Blockbuster era was awesome.  I worked in a video rental store right at the peak when Blockbuster was in prime. Where you would have to actually go to the store and spend like 45 minutes with a few friends trying to pick out the cool ones and cracking on the stupid ones.  It was a Friday night weekly event!  Half the fun was going to the store itself!

I'm old though. I was born in 1976 (yea, old ah well what can ya do)
I miss the entire 80s. Like all of it lol

I miss a life without internet, even before it was cool if you had a pager (in the early 90s when I was in high school only cool people and drug dealers had pagers lol), long before this talk of "an information superhighway!" I was 17 in 1993 when all that talk started happening about computers. 

When going outside in the neighborhood was actually gathering with same-age kids, riding bikes, being misbehaved, having adventures, but also having to be in around the time of sundown. 

I miss when music, albeit it poppy, was actually real. A real artist, voice of art, or a neat sounding weird band was all the rage. I miss when "all the rage" was actually in daily vernacular lol
Cyndi Lauper is my idol, always has been since I was 8 years old when her first album came out in 1985.
I don't miss Valley Girl syndrome.  Love the look, hate the sound, makes you want to punch one of those dumb bitches in the face for sounding like that lol
I miss Aqua Net hairspray. I miss having hair lol

I miss Saturday morning cartoons, fighting with a sibling for the remote, and all the sugary breakfast cereals on Sat morning.  Would be a few small ones of different varieties, all bad for you lol 

I miss how complex to learn NES was when it first was released, and my sister would believe me that in Super Mario 1, just jump down the hole and you'll get 100 free guys lol She fell for that three times. I miss the excitement of beating Super Mario 3, or Zelda 2, or high level Tetris, or wobbly levels on Marble Madness would be so goddamn aggravating.

I miss going to record stores for music (same as with Blockbuster) and as teenagers, you really did spend alot of a weekend at the mall cuz that was the social hotspot and where to be seen.

I miss those days.

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#3 1 year ago

I'm assuming childhood goes to mid teens here. 

-Oldschool YouTube (remember when it was novel and not loaded with agendas, ads, and promotions, and when you could actually find something you hadn't seen before?)

-Windows XP and earlier (so much simpler, so much more carefree)

-Playing with IRL friends (I didn't have many, but the ones I did have, I had a blast with)

-Eating junk food 

-Wanting to be a grown-up that had freedom and money

-Messing around with making game mods and then playing them with family/friends (I made a few Quake 3 maps that I played with my dad. I used to dream about crazy map ideas... So many ideas, such unlimited potential)

-Playing outside in the mud with neighbors and siblings (we used to play with stuffed animals and had unique traits, personalities, and stories assigned to each one of them.)

I am mostly astounded at how much energy and creativity I felt like I had back then versus how much I have now. Was an acid trip in comparison to now.

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#4 11 months ago

Acid rain. We don't seem to get it as much anymore around here.

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#5 11 months ago

Nothing.  Childhood sucks.

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#6 11 months ago


Stupid vaccinations killing off those poor viruses.


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#7 11 months ago

I always figured you were several hundred years old.

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#8 11 months ago

A pizza place on the other end of my building. They later moved every so often, until it got renamed and their best cook left.

Good shows on TV, including music ones.

Gaming magazines we used to have, now we only have one and they white their pants on whatever Sony or Nintendo do (#PoseurMillennialsPretendingTheyAreGamers)

A really good cream cheese brand that has since become completely devoid of taste.

A Slovenian chocolate/hazelnut spread that hasn't been sold on the Croatian market in over a decade, but was soooooo gooooooood (Viki pls come back!!!!)


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#9 10 months ago

Beyblade. Used to play with neighborhood kids and would battle to see who has the better beyblade toy. Anyone familiar with that?

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#10 9 months ago

Not a lot really. A decent local library was nice. Used to go up there once or twice a week and almost always found something worth a try.

By and large though... well, not having to work was nice, but that's not really what we're talking about.

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