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#11 2 weeks ago

Free time.

Being able to do the bare minimum, spend a night of actual work before tests and then going back to doing the bare minimum of work at school and not having to fear for having something decent to eat because it's not your pocket that was paid out of... was pretty decent.

ACTUALLY having time to play games. Properly.

Not having to be concerned about some dimwit trying to reach me on my goddamned mobile phone. The good times were when the phone was good for precisely one thing: "Mom, I missed the bus, can you drive me?" Also, being unable to drive and thus not having people ask me if I can drive them.

Playing Magic the Gathering literally four times a day, every week day.

Life without Wikipedia.

Doing basic chemistry experiments and being excited about it.

Being able to think teachers have it easy.

Being able to not give a damn about what specific people around you think about you and being able to show those people very clearly that they can fuck off instead of having to "play nice" at work (experiences may vary).


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