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7th April 2005

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#21 13 years ago

Though I don't see much point in getting a tattoo, I don't mind other people having them. However the stupidest thing to do is to get tattoo of your girl/boyfriend, wife/husband etc. or some band's name: what then if you break up with the girl or the band isn't popular anymore? Is "Kiss" tattoo in your chest "cool" in these days?

Spirals and Chinese words were a nice idea but today they are so over-used. It's even annoying if someone got just one recently and touts about it around.


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8th February 2006

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#22 13 years ago

I only like original tatts i always put weeks of thought into what i want before i doit. Also i dont like the steriotyipical tatts like coyfish and butterflys but wht ever floats your boat .One of my tatts is Mastershake giveing the finger its on my right leg prtty big to, plan on getting several more also :) in other words i got a giant milkshake tattooed on my leg flipping people off i like it did it my self looks damn nice to if i do sayso myself. (btw if you dont know who mastershake is watch adultswim.)

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17th April 2006

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#23 13 years ago

Ryette;3928948I want to get one done. I was supposed to get it last year, but here's a picture of it:

Spoiler: Show

[/quote] How incredibly sexy.

[quote=Ryette;3928948] The "memento mori" one. I'm going to get it on the inside of my right wrist, which is going to hurt like hell, but it'll be worth it. Though I'll probably cry. :|

I'll be there to hold your hand and comfort you.

As for my own thoughts on tattooing - I can stand the smaller ones that are positioned in a perfect place on ones body, but I cannot stand the whole 'tattoo all over the body or in a bizarre place' thing. If you're going to get one done, consider the design once over, twice over and maybe a third time, because tattoo's are for life, unless you're willing to pay thousands getting it removed - which to be honest, isn't really something you're thinking about when you're getting it done.

Also, consider the location of your tattoo more than once. My brother has several, and they are in the most stupid of places. If I'm ever going to get one, it will be on the back of my neck.

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22nd March 2005

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#24 13 years ago

Roaming East;3928334Long as folks pick a single scheme and stick with it. Kinda dumb looking when your legs got dragons on them, your back has Kanji and your arms have a bunch of tribal vomit on 'em.

Try to be original. Ladies, ive dated 4 of y'all who are sporting the tribal 'tramp-stamp'. Its been done. Dont ask if i like it. I was cool with it the FIRST time i saw it and im cool with the 30th...

Your not being hip or spirtual by having a stupid adjective imprinted on your arm in a foreign language. You look like a tool. If you dont speak, understand or adhere to said culture, you probably shouldnt go having a bunch of it tattoed to you. the corollary to this is if its actually artistic (think arabic calligraphy). The point to that is that what your having printed isnt so much the symbolism of the word but the beauty in which it is displayed.

I think tattoos work for some people, and don't for others. If you want to do it, I would suggest drawing it on you for a few months before you get it perma-inked on you, so you get a feel for it and people are used to you having more pigment in you.

I personally am not planning on getting a tattoo, as I'm a big sissy around needles, and I'd probably regret it after the first week or so. If I was going to get one, it'd probably be in English, Arabic, or Russian(Cyrillic). Kanji is overdone, and I don't understand most of it.