Tired of f'ing winter. 47 replies

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#11 11 years ago

I could use some snow. Havent had snow in about a year now.


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1st November 2007

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#12 11 years ago

I LOVE winter.

Even though it only gets to like 11C down here =P


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21st February 2008

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#13 11 years ago

Well i hope for more snow because we have had so litle of it around here ^^

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#14 11 years ago

Can't say I mind the Winter, summer is always a blistering hot hell on Earth.

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29th January 2007

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#15 11 years ago

I want a normal winter to come already! This year as well as the last were completely autumn in winter. I want half a meter of snow again. I want to snowboard and everything!


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16th January 2008

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#16 11 years ago

Winter Sucks

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5th March 2008

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#17 11 years ago




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18th June 2006

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#18 11 years ago

I hate winter too, but I live in Canada so we get lots of snow and cold weather. Good thing that results in snow days :D Tomorrow is gonna be a snow day probably since we're suppose to get 4-6 inches of snow overnight and we already had about an inch on the ground from before!



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23rd April 2006

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#19 11 years ago

I agree, winter sucks. But, my school still can use one more snow day before we have to start making up days during the summer, so hopefully we use that snowday while the snow lasts.



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5th August 2003

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#20 11 years ago

I love winter. Tonight/tomorrow Ottawa's supposed to get 15-20cm of snow, much better than the freezing rain we got Monday. I don't really want winter to end either, we have soo much snow here (about 4 feet of snow on the lawn), when it melts, its going to make the city a swamp for a long while.