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#1 2 years ago

The one thing Brits like to do when coming back off holiday or for christmas or what have you (stereotyping here, as has all of the mainstream media on this issue) is to buy a Toblerone, eat it, and somehow connect that to being British (despite the fact that the Toblerone is undeniably swiss chocolate, owned by a US conglomerate, but whatever)..

I'm sure you can see how ridiculous I find this all. But the big SCANDAL now is that the company have announced (not done this in a sneaky way, completely openly) that they are making the GAPS between the triangles (which make up the signature shape of a Toblerone) of chocolate larger. How much larger you ask? Well, here's a picture:


They've been completely open and transparent about this and communicated it to customers, but the media have latched their dirty little hooks in and turned it into this huge deal. (newsflash, this all came about on the same day that DONALD FUCKING TRUMP was elected president).

They've cited ingredients raising in price, and so in order to not raise prices, they've reduced their bars from 170g to 150g by reducing the amount of chocolate, by increasing the gaps.

Some are saying this is due to Brexit, and the whole thing is Boris Johnsons fault, and while I love to blame that man for everything and anything, I think that's a bit of a stretch.

Could this have been done better? Is this just a massive fallacy to cover up real news? Could Toblerone have made thier bar shorter rather than increasing gaps? Why do brits care so much about this non-british chocolate which only surfaces at christmas or in airports (apparently).


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#2 2 years ago

Seeing how they announced this so openly I'd at first think of it as a marketing stunt or a warning/protest regarding Brexit and how it has or will affect business with  the UK.  Did they indeed change the shape of the chocolate? The new shape seems rather crude, odd and too obvious. They could have made the 'piramides' less steep and less high, increasing the spacing a little bit bit and perhaps made the bar a bit shorter. That way fewer people would notice (if any, Mars bars shrinking in size come to mind). So, isn't this just Toblerone trying to get some free or cheap exposure? 

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#3 2 years ago

This British obsession with Toblerone is strange to me. It's available year around on shelves here, and it's quite honestly a subpar chocolate. Far too tough, you're lucky to get through a bar of it without breaking a bone.

I'm calling publicity stunt on this. 

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#4 2 years ago
"Serio"This British obsession with Toblerone is strange to me. 

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