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#1 4 years ago

There was an article about the ugliest churches in Finland in the newspaper, and I have to say especially one of them was pretty horrible.

Lutheran Huutoniemi church: _5779300_orig.png

Built in 1963, a disturbing example of concrete brutalism. That building looks ugly anyway, but really, a church designed to look like that? Some suburbs here have similar apartment buildings, they were build in the 1960s and are referred to as "Soviet cube suburbs". While it's not as bad as in the Eastern bloc countries, those areas still look pretty depressing and it's hard to imagine how people thought they look good in the 60s.

Do you have any ugly architecture, perhaps near where you live?

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#2 4 years ago

Not really. There are some places that are in desperate need of angles and bevels in some places, but overall nothing quite so eye-gougingly awful.

This is the library I went to as a kid:

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Not too bad; however I've heard it's grown rather ugly on the inside throughout the years :(

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#3 4 years ago


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#4 4 years ago

That concrete bunker is a church? Looks like an object from Doom to me...

I can't think of anythink extremly ugly, though n a nearby city they did build some not so nice lookking buildings (1980s) in a street that was full of and still has a few buildings from 1700-1900. So you have classic buildings and then a block of modern-not-so-beautiful buildings...

1) New and old

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2) further down the street:

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It just doesn't fit in, especially not the buildings in the second image.