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SeinfeldRules;5302929Improves morale.[/QUOTE] Still ghey.

[QUOTE=Crazy Wolf;5303039]You hear that NiteStryker? He's willing to sacrifice his butt-cherry for America. Now that's a true American hero.

Good on him.

Im not going that far.

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I've wanted to join the military every since I was really young, like five years old. I remember when I was 11 I wanted to be an Army Ranger cause I mostly played MoH:AA during my pre-teen years and wanted to do the stuff they did When I was 14 I joined Young Marines cause I wanted to get some experience of what the military was like, so I'd be at least a little bit prepared for the Army.

Of course, I must've changed my mind as to what I wanted to do at least 20 times from 14 to 16 After I graduated boot camp I wanted to become a Navy SEAL, then I grew out of that. Then, I wanted to become a Marine Officer, so first I looked at OCS, then for a while I wanted to go to Annapolis, but then after deciding that I didn't want to go to a military college, I decided that I wanted to go ROTC, at least until I figured out just how hard it is to get the scholarship. Basically, I wanted to be a VH-53 pilot and be a part of HMX-1 (Marine 1), then I changed my mind and wanted to become a Cobra pilot.

Long story short, here I am at my senior year and enlisting in the Reserves for a job as an Electrician Yeah, it's funny how things change from your first year of High School to your last. But mainly, the reason I want to join the Marine Corps is because I want to serve my country, my parents were both Air Force (that's where they met). So yeah, that's pretty much it for me

Also: tomorrow at 12:17 I will officially be old enough to enlist, which means DEP for me soon

Go to school, go in as an officer. Just my two cents worth. :p