What animal are you most like?(And) what frog are you!? 21 replies

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7th August 2004

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#21 13 years ago
Rommel your ok with being a possible cannibal?

IF it helps me survive then yes

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9th December 2003

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#22 13 years ago

I answered most questions to the best of my ability, question number 7 however didn't had any answer I would pick. When I'm stressed I lay down on bed/the couch or sit in a chair and then either do rest, watch tv or read a magazine. I went with "Your yoga mat" because it seemed the most close.

My answers:

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1. Blue 2. Hang out and at home, play some video games chat online <- I work Saturday evenings, after that I sometimes out but most of the time watch a movie or lurk online. 3. Butter 4. Quiet and shy 5. Always <- Most of the time/often actually but that was no option 6. Yum 7. Your yoga mat 8. I would ask first 9. Summer (Winter is as cool though, but not here since I haven't seen snow for ages) 10. Yes, of course 11. Sleep in several hours late <- It's weekend for a reason. 12. Reading the fortune <- Just for a giggle, I wouldn't take it seriously. 13. Casually mingle <- I will hang around a bit and chat with a bunch of people. Depends on what kind oif party though and who is attenting to it. 14. Computer Programmer <-Pure programmin sucks but managing and related computer items rule. 15. False <- Watching sports is lame, I'm not much of a sporter but I rather sport then watch.

The result: "You are a White's Tree Frog


Also known as the Smiling Tree Frog or Dumpy Tree Frog due to the nature of its appearance, this frog is a very hardy creature and a favorite pet of amateur frog owners, although some pet owners complain that they are not active enough. These frogs love to eat, which can make them quite fat, hence their "dumpy" appearance. Unlike many frogs, these frogs do well with other frogs of their species and are fairly friendly. They like a warm and moderately humid habitat and eat larger insects like crickets, cockroaches, locusts, moths and beetles."

Hmm well not too bad I supose. The fat part really doesn't apply to me at all though, I'm skinny not fat.

Which animal am I? Probably a common house cat: Lazy, I only do what needs to be done, I'm clean though and can be active. I am devoted to those I know etc.