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#1 10 years ago

iv been trying to learn japanese for almost 10 months now, but there have been alot of gaps, my stats: - i know varios amount of vocab -simple sentence structure(negative, positive, like say i dont , or i dont*verb*) -i know hiragana and somewhat of katakana, i forgotten alot of katakana over the past months -and now i only know about 5 -7 kanji symbols from about knowing 40-50, ):

what is a good schedule i can follow to get back on track, like 20 minutes of kanji, 20 minutes of grammer or something along those lines, or is there a good website i can go to, that has a good structure on the basis of learning? and dont tell me livemocha, if yu were thinking about it, alsso i want to learn MORE THAN BASIC JAPANESE, hehehe

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