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6th May 2007

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#631 10 years ago
Maverick050598;4738886The other night, I had this wacko dream about this prison where the prisoners were always paired in twos, one boy and one girl, and they were forced to have sex. Or they would be shot. The prison looked something like Nova Prospekt, except guarded by WWII German soldiers instead of the Overwatch. The dream revolved around one cell containing a Vortigaunt and some girl I know from skating. I dunno what I was doing in the prison and outside of a cell, but I remember talking to the guards about that...they were speaking some odd language (not German, oddly enough), so I didn't really understand them, but in the dream I did...y'know how that works. Yeeah, call me a freak.

You freak :lol:.


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16th December 2008

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#632 10 years ago

I bought new shoes two weeks ago, and last night I dreamed that when I put it on, it was too short..


Awesome lowrider galary


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28th December 2004

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#633 10 years ago

Dig into my mind..

Uh, anyway, It's one of those times where I actaully remember the dream..

I was in this.. cabin type of thing, where I lived. I was there, lying on my sofa, or something, when all of the sudden everything blacked out, no lights, I couldn't see anything. Then, I saw this..uh, electronics or whatnot. Then came the soviet cosmonaughts, with huge-ass synthesizers from the 70's and shiz, all up in space.

It was awesome. C:


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#634 10 years ago

i dreamt my swimming coach verbally kissing my mums ass..

no that was real haha

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29th May 2008

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#635 10 years ago

I dreamt that i went back to South Africa and met my friends again...then realised it was a dream and it made me sad:(


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13th February 2007

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#636 10 years ago

Serio;4737708Dreams are dreams. Not messages from the past, present, or future. I don't deny that dreams help shape the future, by in one way or another "warning" you of a possible future. All those dreams were people get murdered? They scare most people enough to be more careful.

I can't really remember what i dreamt. I actually dreamt three times in a row, since i woke up twice.

That's so narrow minded sight...Sry bro, no offence meant, really. Neither I said dreams are 'messages from past, present or future'. Dreams are basically the thoughts which troubles, worries, makes you thinking at daylight...And your mind is trying to sort things out when dreaming, and often mix thoughts together, that's why dreams are so confusing...A single dream consist of many-many different thoughts, problems yet to be solved.

Or you can believe the other theory: dreams are nothing more then random neuron atcivities inside your brain...

I for one do prefer to think that dreams are carrying lot of possiblities and solutions...bizarre as they are, yet makes you see things from different viewpoints.

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24th August 2007

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#637 10 years ago

Of course, a guy like me who has such fucked up dreams is obligated to have a few nice ones sometimes. Well, here it is: It was evening. The sky was a firey orange. I was in my computer room browsing Samurai X vids on YouTube. My cell rang. I picked it up. 'Twas my girlfriend. She told me that she was downtown and she needed me to pick her up, right away. So, I hopped into my Audi and sped down the highway. As luck would have it, the worst drivers in the world were out that evening. I flipped quite a few of em off, shot a few of em, and even yanked them out of their cars. Finally I got to downtown. My girlfriend was in one of the parking ramps, waiting for me. I drove over, got out, and opened her door. She said to me, "Thank God you're here Mike." Then she kissed me. We got into the car and she asked me to drive to Stradford, Ontario. I didn't question why, I just drove. She insisted she stay awake, even thoguh she was very tired. I told her to rest. She leaned against me and fell asleep. But not before kissing me again. Hours passed. We reached Stradford, and she gave me directions to this one park. When we got there, I woke her up, and we stepped out of the car. She took my hand as we walked toward the bridge over the lake there. We kissed again, and for some reason, I got down on one knee, and proposed to her, and I gave her one of the most expensive rings you've ever seen. That's the end. I enjoyed it very much. Whenever we touched at all in my dream, I felt this odd feeling...one of warmth, peace, and pleasure. Strandly enough though, her skin is always cold. Odd. The dream ended, as she said, "I love you."

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11th November 2006

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#638 10 years ago

I had an odd dreams yesterday when i fell asleep for one hour. Basically, i dreamt that i got up from my bed, walked into the dining room, and grabbed something off the table and went back to bed. I can't even remember what it was, but when i woke up, out of instinct i went over and reached down, and noticed there was a can of mints on the table where i had reached in my dream. Odd, no?

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7th August 2008

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#639 10 years ago

Did anyone say boobs? Because I dreamed I was on a cloud.........with lots of naked hotties.


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13th February 2007

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#640 10 years ago

^A fast visit to Heaven, perhaps?:)