What did you get in Black Friday sales? 4 replies

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I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons.

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15th December 2002

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#1 10 months ago

In light of my recent back injury I got one of these down from £260 to £220 then a further 30% to £160~


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28th July 2002

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#2 10 months ago

I bought two Blu-rays that were cheap on Amazon and that's it.


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1st February 2010

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#3 10 months ago

I bought my lunch? Does that count?

Honestly, I didn't do any real shopping.


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13th June 2008

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#4 10 months ago

I too bought a new chair.


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22nd December 2007

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#5 10 months ago

I was considering a monitor and a chair but bailed at the last minute after convincing myself my life wouldn't be notably better after purchasing either and that I need the cash for other stuff in the short term. 

So I bought the Dragon Age series. Hopefully I'll get through it over the break...