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3rd March 2006

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#131 12 years ago
WarHawk109 How is it fair to me that I never got a chance to vote on this issue? How is it fair to me that I don't have any choice in how my health care is provided for? How is it fair to doctors that can't set up private clinics if they want? How is it fair to those that die waiting for treatment?

You know what, you are right. It isn't fair to you. You should protest that and never go to see a doctor ever again. No dentist either. Since you never had the opportunity to vote for it, you should protest against it. Meanwhile, I decline to include myself in further discussion on this topic in this thread. I will discuss the french with anyone who is willing, but that is about it for me in this thread. If you wish to pursue this matter further, you may try to start a thread about Canada and the whole issue, or find some other venue. Thank you and good day.


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21st July 2003

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#132 12 years ago
NostradamousePeople on invallidity periods are covered by the Province labour insurance. People get 85% of their salary while waiting on the list when it is proven that they can't work.

not here.

no wonder quebec is stealing money from the west, they have too many bills to pay.