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Joe Bonham

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10th December 2005

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#31 12 years ago
MrFancypants;3612446Thanks, I'll need it, there are some hard exams coming up this semester :)

If you need any help - I'll be there for you. Hmm, I'd insert the red thingy into the blue striped twirly thing on the left.;)

Good luck to you as well, "forward observer" sounds rather dangerous, I'd go for the "general at HQ"-position myself ;)

I'll see when I get there.

Although you probably have admirals instead of generals for the marines.

Though we are involved with the navy, we still have a land army rank structure. I don't know how it works in other countries, but the American marines are an "expeditionary force". So let's say, just picking a random example, we decided to attack Iran during that British hostage crisis. The active duty Marine divisions could (theoretically) be there within a few days. They did a lot of stuff like that in Latin America in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Now its much harder, because third world populations are so much larger, so landing a boatful of Marines on a hostile shore probably isn't too smart. The Army found that out the hard way in 1993, in Somalia (Black Hawk Down).



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24th July 2005

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#32 12 years ago

I'm in the 5th out of the six grades in High School. So, when I've finished this school year only one more to go, and I'm looking forward to it. My school is beginning to f*ck itself up, as the men in charge keep thinking of new rediculous rules. It's just going down the drain.

Anyway. I'm doing the so-called Gymnasium, which also involves Latin (and Greek, but I dropped that subject). After school, I want to travel for a year (a so called gap year) in Australia. When I've done that, I'm hoping to get into a (pretty good) economy University where I will possibly be going to study Econometrics. Which is pretty much mathematics and economics combined. Pretty hard, but you'll be highly educated and I think I can manage.