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29th May 2004

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#31 14 years ago

Thats basically what we use in the US Army. We call it M 240-B machine gun. http://www.military.com/Resources/EQG/EQGmain?file=M240B_Gun&cat=w&lev=2 M240B_Gun_large.jpg They are better than the M 60, but not as good as the M 249 SAW: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m249.htm m-249-dvic536.jpg Here is an interesting site about AK-47 versus M-16 http://www.ak-47.us/AK-47vsM-16.php AR15vsAK47-002.jpg



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29th November 2003

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#32 14 years ago

RK 62, Finnish AK version. Unlike what the link in the post above says, it's accurate at 150m prone, and 50m standing. At 300m you still have a chance to hit things. 1113200146_IMG_7345.jpg

RK 95, newer version. 1113200271_IMG_7465.jpg

KK 62, old mg with some reliabilty problems 1113200230_IMG_7441.jpg

PKM, replacing the KK62 1113200500_IMG_7699.jpg

HMG, to pick out those irritating M-16s at range :) Pic is odd as the user doesn't have his gear on, but that's the best I found on their website 1084858632_ITKK.jpg

Old sniper rifle, same purpose... 1083742430_05.7.62_TKIV_85.jpg

Grenade mg 1112089088_40_KRKK_2005_ASEKUVA.JPG

And finally the real stuff 81mm mortar 1083823200_42.81_KRH_71_Y.jpg radio 1112873945_LV_217_M.JPG SANLA 1085659688_08.sanomalaite_M90.jpg

I'm sure the military won't be mad at me for spoiling their bandwidth with some propaganda.. And sorry for going further o/t.


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#33 14 years ago

the M 240-B looks cool

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27th April 2003

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#34 14 years ago

mast3rofuppets the AK5 is based on the FNC is it not?

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28th November 2003

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#35 14 years ago

vladtemplar Thats basically what we use in the US Army. We call it M 240-B machine gun.[/quote]

The "real" name of it is FN MAG :).

They are better than the M 60, but not as good as the M 249 SAW

Yeah, the FN Minimi is the standard LMG in the Swedish army too (you call it M249, we call it KSP 90). Keep in mind that my dad served in the 70's ;). We still use the KSP 58 though.

KSP 90:



[QUOTE=Artie Bucco]mast3rofuppets the AK5 is based on the FNC is it not?

Yeah, it's based on the FN FNC (the belgians makes some kick-ass firearms).

The Ak 5 is now the main personal weapon for our combat units. The tests for the Ak 5 started during the seventies. It became apparent that we had a great shortage of assault rifles. In an event of a mobilization as late as the seventies only about 40% of the armed forces could have been equipped with automatic weapons (Ak4 and SMG). 200-300.000 more assault rifles was needed. The alternatives was to buy more Ak 4 or purchase a new weapon. Considering that the rest of the world was heading for a smaller and lighter calibreweapons and the estimated costs of the choices it was decided to purchase a new weapon. Between 1970 and -75 the following weapons was tried: 1. Colt M16 2. Stoner 63A1 3. Armalite Ar18 4. Steyer Aug 5. Beretta M70 6. Imi Galil 7. FN FNC 8. FN CAL 9. FFV 890 C 10. Sig 540 11. Hk 33 For the final trials 1979-82 two weapons remained: FFV 890 C och FN FNC. They turned out superior, primarily in winter environments and durability. FFV 890 C was a modified Galil which in its construction is based on the Ak 47 and the finnish M62 but in caliber 5.56 mm. After the final trials FN FNC was declared the winner. The weapon was modified inthree stages 1981/82, 1982/83, 1983/84 and was adopted after tests at FJS (The Paratrooper School) 1985. The first delivery was in 1986.

------ The AK5 assault rifle is essentially similar to the Belgian FN FNC rifle, except for several modifications. First, the AK5 has no provision for the 3-round burst mode, and will fire only single shots or full auto. Second, the buttstock and handguards are made longer and more suitable for winter conditions, and the charging handle enlarged for better grip when using arctic mittens. Special surface treatment is used for better protection against the elements.




We're currently testing out the new version of the AK5, the AK 5 CF (will be called AK5 C when it enters service).


Aimpoint red-dot sight, last-round stop thingy, tactical sling, better muzzlebreak (is that what you call it), pistol grip, etc, etc.