What is your phobia? 107 replies

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9th May 2006

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#101 13 years ago

Im not scared of heights, spiders, the dark or anything like that... yet im afraid being rejected by other people(its happened several times) and get nervous/scared in certain social situations.

Im also terrified at the thought of having no friends or others thinking i dont. (i actually dont have much friends... ok i dont have any.)

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7th November 2005

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#102 13 years ago

Thats funny. I look at love more as a business propisition than as an emotional kind of thing. Women dont so much scare me as confuse the ever living heck out of me. Though i did have this one gf who was batshiat crazy.

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3rd August 2006

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#103 13 years ago

Ticks,god damn ticks!Just the thought of them digging into your skin,then looking down and seeing the hind end of one sticking out..UGH Im also scared of getting beat up,unless im just fighting for fun with my friends.(crazy,huh?)


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29th June 2006

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#104 13 years ago

If you're afraid of say heights or venemous snakes wouldn't that mean you're really afraid of death?


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14th December 2006

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#105 13 years ago

Mine is more of a social phobia... I'm afraid of what people think about me, good or bad. I also really, really hate spiders and can't even kill them... I have to get someone else to do it for me. Bad, huh?


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#106 13 years ago

i afiafd of clowns they just look so evill and losing love ones ive just found out that fear and ive alreadly lost one see the one called my dog harry



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20th December 2006

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#107 13 years ago

I don't really see how you can be scared of a spider that's a quarter of an inch tall.. being scared of an uncaged tarantula, on the other hand, is natural because the threat of true harm is real. Fear is a funny thing.

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28th December 2005

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#108 13 years ago

I love heights, i wanna be a pilot. I love the sea, my family has had a boat since im about 7 and been sailing with it ever since... BUT: i fear sharks, although every time someone says there cant possibly be sharks where we are(and mostly there can indeed not possibly be sharks everywhere i ever swim), i never feel comfortable swimming then... although when im not in the water im fascinated by these creatures...