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#1 16 years ago

I am sure this has been talked about before, but not in a while so I bring up this question. What nationality are you a part of? In otherwords, what race or country did your ancestors come from, that make you look the way you do. For me, my moms side of the family is predominantly Polish, so I would say I am 50% Polish. My dads family is a little different, and they have indian, german, and even a little asian blood mixed in. I would say I am a good 35% German, 10% Indian, and 5% Asian. I don't consider myself asian though because I am not really, I got a small bit of Japanese in me. And I don't really consider myself Indian because you can't really tell besides the fact that I am very tan. Now my dad and grandpa, you can see a lot of indian in them, and a lot of asian features in my grandpa, who is a mix of indian and Japanese. My grandma on my dads side is 100% German, with her family living in Germany since the early 1600's as far as I know, and probably even earlier than that. And on the moms side, both grandma and grandpa are 100% Polish. I got a weird mix in me. All and all, I am American, but it is cool to know your family background. How about you all?

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#2 16 years ago

Half Puerto Rican, half American.


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#4 16 years ago

Can you please take my thread seriously?

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#5 16 years ago

English. I know no more than that. There are rumours of some Viking blood on my mother's side, but our families could have been based in England for thousands of years for all we knew.


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#6 16 years ago

Belorussian, Polish, Russian, Irish...

Many of my ancestors came from Eastern Europe.


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#7 16 years ago

im an armenian/american and a quarter arabic


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#8 16 years ago



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#9 16 years ago

Portugese, Italian, Irish, German, and French.

All American.


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#10 16 years ago

I'm an even mix of Irish, Scotish, German, Cvech. I'm 1/16th native.