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5th December 2005

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#121 15 years ago

I am a Booboomaniegahoodimanitationableishlyigabanian.

AKA. Christian.

Churches follow the way of King James...

They only tell what they are told...

Like "Witchcraft is of the devil! Anyone who uses witchcraft is against God."... Nada, forgetting a verse? "And Jesus said to his deciples, "If ye have faith in I, then ye can do what I do, and greater."... Right. The reason of why the churches started believing that it was of the devil, is because they thought it may fall into the wrong hands... And it did.

Well, for a while anyway, but take a closer look at the people surrounding you.

They seem a bit off, and mindreading, don't they?

I am a christian, just not exactly catholic or baptist.