What's the oldest item you still own? 3 replies

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#1 3 months ago

Like, retro tech, or cool trinkets and things. Not an old pair of socks down the back of the sofa.

For me it's my original PC game collection from around 1994 / 1995, still have the floppy disk rack with all the disks in, and a few CD ROMs from the era too like POD and Theme Hospital. Even bought a USB floppy drive recently to explore them all.

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#2 3 months ago

Still have my Atari 2600 (I think, might have sold it at some point) and the original GameBoy.  Also, I have a 1905 Howard cabinet grand piano if that counts.

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#3 3 months ago

My bowling ball is older than I am. It was originally Mother's, and it still has Mother's name engraved on it. Call it a good luck charm, even though my average score is only 160 or so.


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#4 3 months ago

My first bass. As a lot of you know, I left my home town back in 2010. All I brought with me was my bass, laptop, and a bag of clothes.

It's an Ibanez Soundgear -- got it when I was 16. Not bad for the price and years of service it gave me. I can never bring myself to part with an instrument so it's stashed in my closet. It's been beaten to hell and back from the shitty band I was playing with in the Nashville scene, so it's more or less retired at this point. I'm hoping to give it some TLC here soon though,