What's your biggest pet peeve on the internet/forums? 76 replies

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23rd March 2008

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#71 10 years ago
NiteStryker;5061802My biggest pet peeve? Not enough porn.

Tru3 that


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20th August 2007

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#72 10 years ago

GateCrusher420;5061607I think it's been said before, overusing old memes.

One of the best ones, is the Kayne meme. Hell, not to long ago, the cheerleaders did one on one of the banners that the football players run through. I was like, what the hell. Not to ment Hey yo gate, I know you're ranting and all, imma let you finish, but I had one of the best rants of all time! ion all the lolcats ones; all your base are belong to us (and it's derivatives); I'm in your base, owning your doods; any kind of ascii image (like tanks, middle fingers and what not); pics or it didn't happen; !!!!!!11!1!one!!?!/1/1!?!/1!!!; and ^/^that.

EDIT: Don't forget the example, big ship is big.

Somebody had to do it.


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17th August 2007

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#73 10 years ago
Killer Kyle;5061873I actually remember another and possibly larger pet peeve than advertising: Warner Music Group. They ruin a good portion of the videos I watch on You-Tube with copyright claims and forcing muting, and audioswap of vids. All thanks to a contract fallthrough.

I know how you feel. Some of my videos have been pulled down.


Overuses :cort:

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23rd March 2008

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#74 10 years ago
crisissuit3;5062498I know how you feel. Some of my videos have been pulled down.

Oh true that, thats so annoying.

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17th February 2007

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#75 10 years ago

*The.Doctor;5061660Pics or it didn't happen. :p[/QUOTE]

I have one laying around some place. I'll have to find it! :D

[QUOTE=gravy666;5062337]Somebody had to do it.

Damn your gravy! Go do make some mashed potatoes happy! xD

Not so much on forums, but on Vent, Teamspeak, VOIP, etc...kids screaming and what not.

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17th June 2002

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#76 10 years ago

Mr. Matt's Big List of Peeves (though he does not keep them as pets):

  1. The Internet. Or, more specifically, the World Wide Web itself. It is like a toilet on a Saturday night - every moron ends up puking their guts into it, and is the cause of virtually every other peeve on this list.
  2. Some people do not need an outlet for their idiocy, and yet the WWW effectively allows them to plug their brains into every household on the planet and spout their mental vomit to anybody with eyes...
  3. ... and then GooTube comes along, giving them a voice to their imagery.
  4. Whenever you see somebody talking about their sex life in any degree of detail whatsoever, you can guarantee it is a virgin trying not to appear as such. Nobody else would feel the need to broadcast such details over a public medium to complete strangers. When was the last time you told a complete stranger where you last placed your dingus?
  5. Women who aren't women, but rather men pretending to be such for some reason. You can usually spot them - the text is bright pink, there are 'xxx' kisses at the end of every post, they continually explain how womanly they are to anybody who will listen, and for some reason they are always incapable of using English properly... we've all seen them here before. When was the last time any woman you knew felt the need to say "I'm a girl!" three times in the space of an hour?
  6. Tough guys on the Internet. They threaten, they brag, they explain how many push-ups they can do, they tell tall tales, they warn of impending poundage against anybody who speaks against them... and they are universally scrawny wimps in real life.
  7. People with high-paying, important jobs, who continually remind us of such, are McDonalds employees.
  8. Essentially, liars in general. Apparently, anonymity means that lying is no longer an immoral deed.
  9. The Internet is not only an outlet for morons and liars seeking to boost their confidence, though, but also for evangelists. I hate the Christian ones as much as the atheist ones.
  10. Online drama. People seem to feel the bizarre need to play out scenes from their favourite soap operas on forums. People, usually teenagers, have enormous fall-outs with each other. Others will put their sob-stories into word form for all the world to see. And the ones who somehow have 'relationships' online are completely mind-boggling.
  11. Know-it-alls. Those guys who will get rather angry if anybody questions their all-knowing, all-seeing opinions, usually devolving a thread of their own making into a flame-fest in the process. There's nothing wrong with admitting you are not infallible, and learning something new at the same time. In fact such a feat takes a great man to accomplish.

There are more, but one of them is "people who get irritated by the Internet". So I have become my own peeve.


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24th April 2003

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#77 10 years ago

Youtube as of late. Every video on there now is either muted or pulled due to copyright violation. So I guess that would root the pet peeve down to "greed". Viacom already owns like 30 percent of the entire entertainment industry, I doubt a 2 minute user made spliced south park video of cartman singing "poker face" is going to hurt their trillion dollar income.