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9th December 2003

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#101 13 years ago

Shopping Chick;3296739Wow, that sounds EXACTLY like me! Too bad you live so far away, and at the moment I'm a bit too young for you anyway... I'll be 16 tomorrow though. In about 4 years my age wouldn't make much of a difference.[/quote]Hehe, doesn't say yet if I fit the discription of what you would like to see from a potential partner though.

Jill;3296820I looked at his list too. I find Admiral Donutz an interesting guy. I failed at the following: 1. No flat chest 2. college / university degree...heh...I don't even have a high school degree yet.

I already had to explain that this would be my "ultimate" turn on. The perfect partner doesn't excist, finding somebody who fits my list fo turn ons (I don't want to call them requirements, that sounds more like you are lookin for a piece of machinery...) but I guess that even there I will have to compensate. Eventually you just search for that link, I can't look into the feature. It's not impossible I get a crush on a blond, on somebody who has a lower eduction or what not.

[quote=~Sadie~;3297329]@ Shopping Chick, are you desperate, or retarded.

j/k I'm sure your a sweet girl, stop wasting the internet.

I wouldn't take everything too seriously but talking about turn on's with other people (also from the opposit sex) can be great fun and be intresting. To meet real partners you almost certainly have to go outside Iit's not impossible to meet your girl online though, any place were you interact you can feel attracted to an other person. Even then, it will be much harder to find out wether that other person is indeed as intresting, cute and lovely as he or she seems to be. It has a positive side though, I met people who I would enjoy hanging out with and call my friends while in real life we would never have met: people from other countries, even the other side of my small country, people from both genders, people who are a lot younger or much older then I am etc.

Yes I ignored the "just kidding" part, sue me! :p I probably won't have to comment about all posts being fine with me aslong as people don't go all "OMG OMG you're a girl/boy pull your pants down! dr00l! A/S/L?!" :lol:

That is what I love and hate about the internet. Comming into contact with intresting people and not always being able to meet them just to talk with, hang out, have fun with, grab a beer or what not.



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10th July 2004

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#102 13 years ago

She must be:

Brunette or red-head pretty face nice body dresses nice smart good personality - have to be able to talk and hold a conversation funny - has to have a good sense of humor or can take a joke good in bed:p tall - 'cause I'm 6' 6" kind, good-hearted has to like the Rolling Stones must love me for me

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13th July 2006

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#103 13 years ago
Admiral Donutz;3298268Iit's not impossible to meet your girl online though, any place were you interact you can feel attracted to an other person.

True. A couple from my clan is getting married in 5 days . He's from the UK and she's from Canada. They've been "dating" for 2 years. 6 months ago He flew down to Canada and they got engaged.