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1st April 2009

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#31 9 years ago

New computer, finally... 4 years is quite a long time to have a computer without any substantial hardware upgrades.

Already spoiled myself a bit with some new games (BFBC2 for $4 if you can call that spoiled).


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17th August 2007

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#32 9 years ago

I recieved a 1TB hard drive (which took awhile to find space for the plug...), fallout new vegas (which has been downloading off of steam for 8 fucking hours and still going...) a really nice hoody, jeans, and a nice new pair of shoes. I havent messed with the jeans or shoes yet but with my luck with the other gifts they'll probably explode if I try to wear them.

I got my mom an ipod so she could listen to her kpop songs and motivate her to exercise and a battery charger for my dads harley.

I also recieved some money which I plan to use on the steam sales :P


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14th July 2004

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#33 9 years ago

*The.Doctor;5443086Those are cool. I had one years ago until the stuff inside went bad or something and all clumped together...[/QUOTE]AYe, they are cool aren't they? =p One of my gifts was one, and it works. Looks oh-so-...cool. ;)

Granyaski;5443202But he's Canadian, they don't have fun.
Schofield;5443279You're right, I don't have fun. The last time I really had fun was a few years ago at best.[/QUOTE]

When you last celebrated Christmas? =p

[QUOTE=Schofield;5443279]I was kind of joking, not entirely though. Christmas has been skipped a few times in my family, parents go off on vacation and leave me and my sister here, usually she goes with them. It just never caught on for me like it did in most modern day families. I was joking about the Christian part.

Didn't catch that joke. :(

[QUOTE=Sadim-Al-Bouncer;5443608]Hopefully that hooker won't give you any unwanted gifts.


I got two DVD's (The A-Team and Avatar (extended cut)), the Lava Lamp, a new Sleeping Bag (I say new, I haven't got an old one, just I figured I couldn't go wrong with asking for one), a lunch box (dull, but I needed one), a new bed cover, a pair of Jeans, Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (PS3), Black Ops (PS3), some deodorant and shower-gel (as with every year), and a handful of boxers and socks.