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29th July 2005

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#61 13 years ago

You Get Paid For That!!??!?!



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5th December 2006

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#62 13 years ago

in an office. at a desk. i have a stapler too.

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17th November 2003

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#63 13 years ago

Supermarket distribution centre packing pallets etc.



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30th March 2003

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#64 13 years ago

I lift weights and let my hair and my nails grow. Andre Nickatina was right, except for the part about letting my hair and nails grow.

Anyways, I'm a full time college student. During summer I work full time at the school working on buildings and shit. It's boring, but the pay ain't bad. $11 an hour. I think I'm going to try and get a job somewhere else, maybe the mall.


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23rd April 2006

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#65 13 years ago

well $11 an hour is not that bad ofcourse if your job isin't that hard



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26th May 2005

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#66 13 years ago

In the holidays i work at an interior shop, where i have to stack up rolls of wallpaper and curtains. It's gay, but money makes a guy do strange things.

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6th April 2000

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#67 13 years ago

cokefizz3000;3449257You Get Paid For That!!??!?!


I get paid (part of my job description) to supervise the forums and ensure you little punks don't go and crash them. ;) [COLOR=Red]*looks at filetrekker [/COLOR]

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12th December 2006

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#68 13 years ago

a shop, called spar, £5 a hour, it sucks


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15th February 2006

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#69 13 years ago

hi guys. I'm a 3rd year in college but while I was in 1st year and 2nd year I worked in DELL at the weekends (36 hours - fri, sat, sun) for 22 months.. My god I could never understand how I did that, I would never go back to those Borg-ish bastards and getting up at 6:30 at coming home at 20:00...no social life whatsoever

At the end of this month, I will be going on my Co-Op/Internship (industrial Placement) for 8 months in a networking and communications company called the ITD.. Will get 350 euro a week, working 7:30 hours mon to thursday, 6 hours on friday . I can't complain ;) (Although I did have an interview for a company called PubGene in Oslo, they wanted an IT student to do text and data mining for them, I didn't get the job :( )

Forgot to mention for the last two years, I have been helping my brother and father rebuild our house (that was burned down) whenever possible usually when I got home from university every night and on weekdays during the summer holidays.. We are nearly completed.. If anyone wants to see pics of the fire damage or the house construction let me know, I'll be more than happy to oblige